Living conditions of the auto parts industry

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In recent years, China's automobile accessories industry with an average growth rate of 24.5%, in 2013 the first quarter of China's vehicle production and sales have more than 5 million, the annual expected to be over 20 million. Along with China's rapid growth in car ownership, car parts industry is also developing rapidly.

In this market, the current home of approximately 35 million auto repair tools business, which has 250,000 is only a change of engine oil, a change of three filter "roadside store," relatively regular maintenance plant has 100,000 home, while for these 350,000 repair shops or enterprises to provide spare parts suppliers have more than 700 thousand. So it seems, in our country, whether maintenance plant or parts suppliers have a huge number. However, according to European and American automobile market experience, there will have to be integrated and eliminated the vast majority of enterprises, the market will grasp the scale of business in a few hands.

To those few among the ranks, either repair plant or parts suppliers are creating their own brands. However, as a terminal market changes in maintenance plant more worthy of our attention, it is also to enhance their parts suppliers will bring opportunities.

The brand has a certain scale maintenance plant not a priority "concerned parts supply channels and profit margins of protection", but priority components of "quality." Associations focus on the maintenance of spare parts factory has done a survey, draw the following data, Workshop on parts of the areas of concern: the quality of the attention value of 90% in the first row; quick delivery concern value 85%; service concern value is 70 percent; while supply channels and profit margins security concern is 45%, came in the last one.

According to the analysis, as China's consumer matures and "Auto Warranty Law" on the automotive aftermarket clear and inflexible requirement for car repair service companies put forward higher requirements, which is intuitively reflect on with pieces of strict quality requirements, combined with the "quality can bring profits" and other factors, it wants to become a quality brand parts repair business priority concerns.

Recently, the 2013 China International Auto Parts Expo Opens in Beijing, from various parts of the world well-known companies have participated in the exhibition. It is in the EU over the years, auto parts exhibition quality good reputation became the biggest winner of the show. By the relevant parties, auto parts raw materials such as rubber, steel, etc., prices continued to decline, will alleviate cost pressures, increase profitability, auto parts company will also constitute a new good quality of raw materials determines the auto parts quality determines the quality of auto parts industry's fate.

Nowadays, more and more people prefer to buy the car modification parts to modify their cars.


 A good perspective in the plastic pipe

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For a long time, residential water supply mainly uses steel, galvanized iron pipes. Because of its wall rust, scale, bacteria and microbes and other harmful impurities, water in the pipeline caused "secondary pollution." Everyday life, quality and security of drinking water are the focus of attention.

Metal tube has four fatal weaknesses: rust, corrode, and leak, easy to scale. Galvanized steel corrosion will breed a variety of microorganisms, contamination of water pipes. These contaminated tap water carrying bacteria like invisible killer, always threatening people's health. The past 10 years, some developed countries have successively established legislation or regulations prohibit the use of galvanized steel industries as water pipes, and made full use of the pipeline as the main green rust, no corrosion, no leakage, and no fouling quality pipe.

Recently, the "Twelve Five" during the two sessions, NPC deputies also made "on the overall promotion of new energy saving green pipe, promote energy conservation and recycling economic development" proposal. "Prohibit the use of cold galvanized steel and various composite cast iron water pipes, restricting the use of galvanized pipe; promote the use of new types of plastic pipes and plastic pipes and other green pipe imperative." It is reported that there have suggested that the relevant national financial subsidies and other departments issued a series of policies and measures to promote energy saving like this new green HDPE pipe.

According to the materials experts, China's production of green pipes are mainly polyethylene pipe (PE), polypropylene tube (PP), polybutylene pipe (PB) and plastic composite pipe (PAP), for more than 80% of these pipes building water supply and radiant heating. Compared to other plastic pipe, which is more suitable for indoor small diameter water pipes, radiant heating and floor heating, indoor low-pressure gas pipe. As we all know, the plastic raw material is a good necessity material for the production of the company. And the plastic products are very important for everyone.

Market research shows that in 1997, due to the green pipe market demand for heating, local herd, had led the market is very unstable, quality, yield and price fluctuations, the market is very competitive. In this regard, the International Mould & Metal & Plastic Industry Suppliers Association Secretary-General Luo Baihui Road, China's plastic pipe market economy is more intense, large-scale plastic pipe production enterprises over 3000, the annual production capacity of over 15 million tons, annual production capacity of 1 enterprises amounted to 300 million tons, more than 20 annual capacity of over 100,000 tons.

But after years of fierce market competition and industry consolidation, some of the poor level of equipment, production lines is small; production of small, low-quality small factory has successively withdrawn from the market, new competitors and rarely has the chance to enter. The next few years is expected to polyethylene pipes, polypropylene pipes, polybutylene pipes and plastic composite pipe and other green plastic pipe market will maintain steady development trend.

With the development of technology, continuous improvement of people's quality of life, self-care awareness is also growing, "healthy" and "security" has become the modern two main themes of most concern. The environment-friendly plastic water pipe compared with galvanized steel pipe, has advantages of corrosion resistance, thermal conductivity, etc., and this kind of material is adopted to the modern people to pursuit the healthy lifestyle. The future of green plastic pipe market will continue to grow steadily.

Apart from the plastic, the fiberglass products are also very important in our daily life.

Auto parts’ sale system should be modified

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With the rapid development of the automotive industry, having a private car is no longer a distant dream for the people. Most of the people can afford cars, but can not afford automobile accessories which make the owners feel so “injury”. The auto parts prices were inflated to break this pattern on the need for "auto brand sales management implementation approach" to modify, change the "exclusive license and distribution" requirement.

In Zhengzhou, a crown for being blisters front, 4S shops all repaired and having the car decoration offer is 390,000 Yuan, while the price of the car itself is only 330,000 Yuan! In the list on the circuit board, computer modules and their associated lines have changed, light electrical fittings doing 4S shops offer more than 20 million, of which a sound assembly, offer nearly 75,000 Yuan! In this regard, 4S shop staff expressed sympathy that: "Parts prices are not decided by them, and the price is set by factory!"

Currently, the "auto brand sales management implementation method," under the provisions of automobile manufacturers in product sales and channel has a monopoly on the right, so that China has tens of millions of owners of passive consumption of expensive parts.

According to the "auto brand sales management implementation approach", automotive supplier’s dealer’s circulation of the terminal has direct constraints. Especially for the automobile brand sales without authorization or do not have the operating conditions of enterprises, may not provide car resources. Car brand monopoly prices for branded products can be described as radical.

Leading auto parts prices were inflated reasons: First, the current models on the market increased, some of the car is hard to find original parts in the repair factory; Secondly, some auto parts have a major impact on safety even minor parts, some car owners based on security concerns also tend to choose original pieces instead of deputy plant parts; Finally, the "original parts must be used when repairs can continue to enjoy Warranty Services" clause allows owners can only bow to accept inflated spare parts.

It should be noted that the long-standing high-priced car parts can adversely affect the development of the automobile market.

On the one hand, through the layers of taxes and automobile manufacturers, distributors After the increase, the price of the car on the high side, but inflated auto parts is equivalent fare is hidden, it will be further suppressed market demand; On the other hand, is rooted in auto parts inflated monopoly, which would nerve paralysis car prices and reduce the degree of market competition, China's auto market is not conducive to overall progress.

Apart from the auto parts, the motorcycle accessory is also inflated during this year. 

The future development of the coating industry

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Paint companies in addition to master effective external information, and release the information of their own business, which is important to improve their competitiveness.

Nowadays, more and more coating manufacturer is keen to publish corporate information via the internet. Some companies publish the corporate information via public website or industry portals, some enterprises build their own website, if the customer click the company website, the will know all the massage of the company. In other words, building a website for their company is becoming a fashion in the coating industry. But some of the corporate website hasn’t maintained in a long time and the information isn’t updating timely. Internet information sources coatings industry still in the primary stage of establishment, the need to other industries, such as fast moving consumer goods industries to learn. Apart from the coating industry, the rubber supplier is also need to build their website to release their information.

Participating in or organizing activities in various industries are also the important channel for paint companies to publish information. Such as holding regularly designers receptions, or participating in exhibitions and various industry forums, promoting in residential areas. On one hand you can show you strength and brand image, on the other hand it can increase audience awareness. Actively participate in industry associations or various brand alliances, can make use of a collective effort to promote themselves, increase their credibility. Because the collective strength is infinite, the impact on consumers is huge.

In addition, coating companies can also corporate with mass media or industry media partners to convey corporate information. Especially, as the media industry is more targeted, more effective, and the corporate propaganda image, it can increase competitiveness effective channel.

Variety of channels, to obtain valid information

First, you must define what areas they need the information. As paint companies, familiar with the market situation in the region, to grasp the changing needs of consumers are basic skills. To understand consumer preferences, is the pursuit of practical value or brand image and so on.

Second, we should clear a channel where most real and effective access to information. The author believes that fieldwork is to get real, effective information is the best way. Although the information on the Internet at your fingertips, but certainly limited its value, authenticity has yet to be investigated. Therefore, the network can only serve as a clue in gaining access to information, and ultimately required field trips. Paint companies can also get a lot of information newspapers and magazines, especially the trade magazines, the content generally more informative and credible, and more conducive to industry insiders to obtain valid information. In addition, trade shows and industry forums are insider’s communication event, but also furniture companies to broaden their horizons, to obtain information appreciation.

Finally, paint companies also need to gather information to filter and organize, explore the deep value of information. Only the collection and collation of information as part of their daily work in order to give full play to the value of information. Slowing the pace of development in the industry now, and effective information resources, we could become involved in a competitive weapon.

Information is a business based on the market must have the elements. Paint companies to deeply understand the meaning of information, companies need to fully exploit the information; the information will be valid as a basis for business decisions, and to find the appropriate channels, to their own business information to the public.

In this information age, every industry needs to release their information by the internet especially for the plastic raw material industry.


The main profit model of the auto parts industry

Keywords: Automobile Accessories, car modification parts, auto repair tools

As the first domestic automobile accessories online e-commerce platform, "steering wheel" appearance, our auto industry has entered an "electricity supplier" of the development of roads, many auto parts as well as steering wheel production and marketing enterprises have settled in the Internet. Chinese auto parts and auto parts industry experts Li Lianhe point out that the Internet era, the development of e-commerce will become the road to the future of our auto industry main profit model.

Auto parts industry is growing quickly, and having a fierce competition in the industry.

According to a statistics show that: in 2005 the scale of China's auto parts market has reached 500 billion yuan, annual sales of billions of dollars of auto parts distributors nationwide more than a dozen, and after years of development, the rapid intensification of competition in the industry, small and medium sharp increase in the number of auto parts retail enterprises, the intensification of competition in the industry constantly forcing the auto parts industry to open up a broader market.

According to LI Lianhe introduced himself operated for more than ten years of history, Hebei Yutian County Joint Auto Parts Manufacturing Co., Ltd. in the domestic auto parts and car modification parts has high visibility, industry competitiveness is also one of the best, but in recent year’s competition in the industry also felt from the enormous pressure.

However, competition in the industry brought about by the pressure did not stop Hebei Yutian County Joint Auto Parts Manufacturing Co., the pace of development. In recent years, the rapid expansion of the online business market, with the advantages of the Internet business platform quickly occupy a great share of the production of the company's steering wheel and auto repair tools and therefore are exported to overseas markets.

Electricity providers will be an inevitable trend, and will become the main profit model.

The rapid development of electronic business commerce leads to increasingly competitive in the auto industry which will give the new hope to the auto industry. Especially in the first domestic auto parts online e-commerce platform - the steering wheel after the birth, the major auto companies are involved Hydropower Company, seeking power provider market new developments.

LI Lianhe pointed out that electricity suppliers of auto parts industry, on the one hand to help customers more convenient to buy auto parts, on the other hand products, especially the steering wheel, while the other auto parts retailers can help enhance corporate visibility, and expand market influence, intercepted more opportunities to ease the pressure of competition in the industry.

Settled in the electronic business platform for the auto industry can bring new economic growth point? In this regard, Li Lianhe expressed his views. He believes that with the change in the way people consume, consumers increasingly prefer shopping via the Internet, thus increasing the number of online consumers, which for the auto parts industry has opened up new broader market. Therefore, settled in e-commerce market, the auto parts industry can not only help tap new economic growth point, but also the future of the industry will be the main profit model.

A great innovation of Plastics industry

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2013 Plastics Industry Ringier Innovation Award on September 4 in Shanghai announced. In the Top of plastic raw material and auxiliary materials, injection molding equipment and other eight categories of 32 award-winning products, excellent performance specialty plastics, plastic safety and environmental protection, bio-based plastics to become the highlight of the award.

From the award-winning results, functional plastics and specialty plastics have considerable market potential. Polykemi composite plastic (Kunshan) developed PC / ASA FS9 PAS UV4 functional materials, not only has good weatherability, heat resistance properties, and joined the permanent antistatic agent, to avoid dust on the product surface adsorption and accumulation, so that plastic products can long remain relatively clean appearance. Borouge BorPure HJ311MO is a high fluidity polypropylene homopolymer, especially for the fast, low odor containers injection molding, as compared with other resins, injection molding cycle can be shortened by 20%, and high rigidity and anti-static formula helps for efficient stripping. DSM Arnitel VT is an extremely flexible thermoplastic elastomer, a thickness of a few microns can be made thin, and both a good waterproofness, breathability and comfort, if this kind of material made of the outdoor clothing, it can be waterproof and having breathability.

Meanwhile, safe, environmentally friendly plastic also has good reputation. And more and more prefer to use the rubber products. Guangdong Shunde Shun Yan has developed new materials, high-impact, high-glow-wire, flame-retardant PBT reinforced composite materials, to solve the plastic components in electrical and electronic overload, short circuit, leakage and other circumstances may cause localized overheating and fire issues; solves its high impact product deformation, fracture and other issues, expanding the scope of application of PBT material. Dow's polyolefin elastomer AFFINITY GA 1000R products specifically for the hot melt adhesive industry and the development of difficult substrates, with low density, low viscosity and high content of maleic anhydride, etc., difficult sticky adhesive substrate to provide strong and effective power, heat melt temperature has increased by 5 , is bonded products during storage and transport of heat-resistant safety is also improved.

In addition, the white bio-based plastics to become a popular research direction. UPM (China) a company whose ForMi injection molding can be made ​​from renewable wood fiber and plastic constitutes a new type of composite material, odorless, durable and recyclable. Guangzhou Bi Jia MaterialScience improved POLYLACTIDES heat resistance and toughness, and its foam polylactic acid can replace PS foam products, used in cushioning packaging, disposable lunch boxes, trays, coffee cups. Blonde technology's high heat Vicnyl PA10T semi-aromatic polyamide is a new generation of special nylon, with a high melting point, high glass transition temperature and heat distortion temperature; same time it is a bio-based materials, the synthesis of a monomer the decamethylenediamine from renewable resources, castor beans. 

Chinese Tire to get rid of "low-end products"

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Recently, the Brazilian Trade Protection Agency sent a letter to the Chinese Embassy in the Brazilian Embassy Commercial Counselor's Office, said it has concluded a car tire or tire mold imports from China anti-dumping review, the outcome of the review decision will impose $1.08 to $ 2.17 / kg of anti-dumping duties from Chinese homemade car tires. According to the analysis of the industry, in addition to domestic and international trade environment, their problems are the main reason. If the tire industry wants to get rid of the “low-end products”, the relative company should be trying themselves to improve their ability. Statistics show that Brazil's anti-dumping investigation of China's tire is from the second half of last year, mainly for 13-inch and 14-inch made ​​a small passenger car tires. Last year, when Brazil put forward the anti-dumping investigation, China was required to lodge a protest. The announcement of Brazil, is a ruling last year, the survey results and announced.

In recent years, China's tire industry once again by anti-dumping investigation and filing, which is harm to China's tire export enterprises. Until the end of 2012, China has the domestic tire companies about500, and there are more than 300 tire companies in the Shandong Province, and the number of tire company is increasing, and most of them are small company, which has a low concentration, and the products of exports are basing on maneuver small passenger cars and bicycles with pneumatic tires of rubber-based. Although some of the tire companies put a stronger focus on branding and independent research, by doing this the companies can not improve the whole industry.

As industrial investment is overheating, resulting in a sharp rise in inventories, so exports become the only way for the company. Data show that China's tire exports accounted for about 42% of domestic production and it shows a large number of Chinese tire export is overcapacity.

"Chinese tire has anti-dumping investigations frequently. On the one hand there are Chinese enterprises themselves, on the other, nor can the blame to the enterprise." National Passenger Car Market Information Co Deputy Secretary-General Chui Dongshu, "said the Foreign Venture passenger car tires account for 70% market share in the high-end trucks, buses tire market also occupy a larger share because of the brand, technology and other aspects at the disadvantage, the independent brand tires had to enter the international market. "

Chui Dongshu believed that because many countries against Chinese tires frequently initiated anti-dumping investigations, often not justified, not only hurt the Chinese tire enterprises, the local market is not a small impact. "China should learn from the European PV industry practice of dumping events, through the national will to put pressure on these countries, otherwise more and more countries will follow suit. Government enterprises should also be made more focused and effective guidance."

Apart from the car tire, there many car modification parts and wholesale motorcycle accessories companies, which should be improving their capabilities. 

 Promoting rubber industrial upgrading

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China's synthetic rubber industry has been showing a continued increase trend, with the growing trend of global economic integration, synthetic rubber in the international market has also formed a solid export structure. At this stage, synthetic rubber industry has shown the amount of imports is much larger than the amount of export development status.

Import and export amount of synthetic rubber is varying in different parts. To the amount of imports, Shandong Province, the maximum amount, nearly $ 550 million, while exports amounted is $ 69 million of Jiangsu Province.

Synthetic rubber products can compete with natural rubber in performance, and also has the advantage of low prices; most importantly it has a wide range of needs in our own market. Synthetic rubber products in performance can compete with natural rubber, but also has the advantage of low prices, wide range of needs in our own market. However, the status of China's synthetic rubber production can not meet the huge market demand, while domestic production of synthetic rubber enterprises in some complex process, high-quality products is difficult to achieve large-scale production, which leads to our dependence on imports of synthetic rubber products strongly.

Compared to last year, import and export amount of synthetic rubber around both show a downward trend, Fujian, Shandong and other places about 40% decline in exports, the industry overcapacity urging rapid transformation, improvement in the level of market saturation, product imports gradually reduced, while the requirements of industrial restructuring will further collapse of synthetic rubber to the low end, extensive pattern of export-oriented products, synthetic rubber industry to promote more rational and healthy export trend formation.

As we all know, the rubber products have a widely usage in different industry. And more and more company of medical supplies use the rubber as the materials. In order to upgrade the rubber industry, the government urges the construction industry use the rubber products.

To actively promote the wide application of emerging environmentally-friendly energy, Fujian plastic structure has undergone great changes accordingly. It is reported those in recent years, the province's plastics processing industry has been booming. According to statistics, the province's plastics processing enterprises above designated size 1033, employing about 14 million people, about 1.66 million tons of plastic products, industrial output value of 77.1 billion Yuan. The country's largest plastic packaging materials, plastic pipe production base and export base in plastic shoes initially built. Fujian Plastics Industry Association is responsible for that, not only can replace a large number of plastic building materials steel, wood, but also with energy-saving materials, ecological protection, improve building functionality and quality, reduce building weight, convenient construction and many other superior characteristics, known as the following wood, steel, cement, after the fourth generation of new building materials. He further stressed plastic steel has become a trend. Plastic products are now more widely used in scientific research, advanced manufacturing, daily necessities and so on.

With rubber applications is becoming more widely, and it making the rubber industry to speed up transformation and upgrading process. Apart from the rubber material, the plastic raw material is also very important in our daily life. 

Ten tips for buying the auto parts

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Nowadays, more and more people prefer to buy the auto parts for their cars, but they didn’t know how to select the auto parts. Here are some tips for you to choose a suitable automobile accessories.

First, look at the packaging. Genuine Parts packaging is generally more standardized, uniform standard, marking the formal writing clear, should be marked with the product name, specifications, quantity, registered trademarks, name and address and telephone number, and some manufacturers are still playing their accessories tags. Especially in selecting the  automotive electronics, you check the package more precisely.

Second, look at the appearance. Qualified parts surface, printing or casting of characters and clearly marked and regular, both have a certain degree of accuracy shiny finish, the more important parts, the higher the accuracy, the more stringent packaging rust and corrosion. If it is found when purchasing parts are rust spots or rubber cracking, loss of elasticity, or a significant turning journal surface texture should be returned.

Third, look at the paint. Unscrupulous merchants will scrap parts by simple processing, such as demolition, equipment, fight, Minato, painting and other processing, and then posing as "qualified" for sale, poke the surface of the paint can be found after the old paint.

Fourth, look at technology. Sometimes poor appearance of the product is good, but because of the production process is poor, prone to cracks, sand holes, slag, burrs or bumps. Such as cylinder head gasket extrusion, the use of prone Mifengbuyan ablation, resulting in oil spills, leaks and leaks and so on.

Five, look at the "loose." By a combination of two or more parts into parts, via press-fit between the parts, glued or welded together, does not have loosening.

Six, look at the assembly mark. To ensure the accessory assembly relationships meet the technical requirements, some formal parts of the surface engraved with the assembly marks, such as timing gear mark, mark top of the piston assembly markings, parts used to ensure proper installation, without blurring the mark or marks illegible assembly will bring great difficulties, and even installed wrong.

Seven, look at gaps. Regular assembly components must complete and intact, in order to ensure smooth loading and running. Some small parts assembly parts on the missing equipment, may be "parallel imports", likely to cause difficulties loading. Because of a shortage of individual small parts, causing the entire assembly of components scrapped.

  Eight, look at protective layer. In order to facilitate storage, to prevent parts bump, parts factory has a protective layer. Such as piston pin, bearing with paraffin protection; piston rings, cylinder liners coated with anti-rust oil and wrapped with wrapping paper; valves, pistons, etc. with a plastic bag after anti-rust oil soaked package. If it is found when purchasing gland damage, wrapping paper loss, anti-rust oil or paraffin drain should be returned.

Nine look at documents. Some important components, such as the carburetor, distributor, and generator have documents to guide the user to install, use and maintain.

Ten, look at the specifications. Most auto parts are of the type and technical parameters. If the optional electrical equipment, should be careful to check and change parts of voltage, power are the same.

Using the above ten tips, you can have a car decoration. 

How to reduce the smell of plastic?          

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Plastic is an important raw material for the packaging industry, plastic processing products will emit an unpleasant odor, in order to overcome this problem, the production and processing of plastic resins have long efforts to reduce these odor emissions levels. Apart from the plastic manufacturers, the paint supplier also need to find the way to remove the unpleasant odor. Solutions for solving this problems are: a low odor alternatives to replace those unpleasant additives; reduce the amount of residual monomers in plastics; adsorbent used in plastics and adding antimicrobials to prevent those due to bacterial and fungal difficulty arising smell the odor; as well as in the processing of recycled plastics may be by solvent extraction and exhaust to reduce the residual odor. Many of the plastic compounds have an unpleasant odor, including amines, phenols, thiols, peroxides, and benzene, aldehydes, ketones, and some plasticizers and flame retardants. Plastic processing solvent used in the process also releases a strong chemical odor. Here you can take to reduce plastic smell several measures:

Changing the Additives

Polyurethane foam used in the production process of the catalyst will often bring a strong amine odor. Solution to the problem is to find a substitute for these amines. One of the measures is the use of a polyhydroxy compound, a polyhydroxy compound having not only the composition of the polyurethane molecular chain, and also has catalytic activity. Some polyhydroxy compound can replace half of the tertiary amine catalyst; the product thus obtained is weak odor more.

In PVC extrusion or calendering process used phenolic stabilizers are often low odor replaced zinc stabilizers. Plant extracts, such as erucic and oleic acid oils than animal amines obtained oil extracted lubricant (for polyolefins and styrenes food packaging material) odor smaller.

Adopting a more pure resin

The plastics, especially polyvinyl chloride, styrene, ethyl acetate and poly acrylate plastics, the residual trace monomer may produce unpleasant smell. Using a small amount of residual monomer resin can eliminate those odors.

Joining adsorbent

If the fill of the polymer in a small amount of zeolite (an aluminum silicate adsorbent), can play a role in odor removing. Zeolite having a large number of crystalline voids, and the voids can capture the gas molecules. Molecular adsorbent has been successfully applied polyolefin pipe extrusion, injection and extrusion blow molded containers, isolated packaging materials, packaging materials and extruded polymer seals. Adsorption powder can also be added as a hygroscopic agent to remove the plastic vapor, and water vapor will also help this plastic odor.

Joining fragrances

Added fragrances in the plastic does not eliminate unpleasant odor, but you can hide these odors, in many cases this is sufficient to achieve the purpose. This method can be applied to polyethylene, polypropylene and polyolefin thermoplastic elastomeric, the processing method for injection molding, extrusion or blow molding. Fragrances retention time does not necessarily equate to the life of molded parts, and its retention time determined by their degree of aggregation, the volume ratio of the surface area, whether exposed to heat or humid environment, as well as molded parts are isolated from the air for a tight packing and other factors. Aromatics generally used in toys, household goods, cosmetics containers, household appliances and garden equipment.

As we all know, the medical products are play an important role in our daily life, especially for the health care products.

Nowadays, more and more products are made of plastic, and we can not live without plastic. But with the higher cost of the products, more and more prefer to find the wholesale, especially for the condom wholesale. 

The export growth of auto parts

Keywords: car repair tools, car security system, automobile accessories

According to Hefei Customs that from January to July this year, the Guangdong province's auto parts exports is 290 million dollar, and there is an increase of 62.8%.

Customs data show that the first seven months, exports products based on vehicle spare parts, wheel spare parts and electric lighting fixtures, car repair tools, total exports of vehicle spare parts, wheels spare parts and electrical lighting equipment are $ 110 million, accounting for 38% of total exports. It is worth mentioning that in the auto parts exports camp, private enterprises has an outstanding performance. From January to July, exports of auto parts of private enterprises in Guangdong province are $ 180 million, and accounted for 62% of total auto parts exports.

According to customs analysis, the improvement of auto parts benefits from the better auto market in United States and other developed countries which can urge the auto parts exports especially for the car security system to drive growth, brands such as Chery car prices increased in South America and North Africa market development efforts in overseas markets has made considerable development and progress. January to July, the United States, Malaysia, Venezuela and Nigeria, total exports of 110 million U.S. dollars, accounting for 38% of total export value parts, of which Malaysia, Venezuela and Nigeria exports grew 1.5 times, 2.7 times and 7.1 times.

The people who is responsible for Hefei Customs General Statistics Office stated that vehicle sales slowdown, raw material prices and labor costs are lower edge gradually disappeared, which restricts the automobile accessories exports for growth. At the same time, the lack of key components of high-tech technology, the province of car parts, mostly low-end products with low added value, easily replaced by similar products in India and other developing countries. Therefore, Customs recommends enterprises to accelerate the pace of mergers and acquisitions, increased industrial concentration; strengthen research and development efforts to improve the core competitiveness of export products; changing trade structures, from simple export products to the capital, technology output, service output transition, accelerate new energy automotive parts component development, to develop ecological change.

Recent years due to "increased accessory" problem makes the demand for inventory investment of traditional automotive aftermarket industry is growing rapidly.

The number of parts increases are affected by the child the following results: 1. highly segmented market produced the most different types of large cars (both U.S. and foreign); 2. Government ordered the use of safety and emission control equipment. 

 The future direction of the coatings industry

Keywords: paint manufacturer, Fiberglass Products, wholesale medical supplies

Now the world reduce VOC paint structure of varieties such as the direction toward the development of water-based paint is one of the development directions. Chinese traditional solvent-based coatings proportion gradually decreased, the development of water-based paint is very fast, but the polyvinyl alcohol still a large proportion of low-grade varieties.

 It is an important part for the paint manufacturer to improve the quality of water-based paint, develop new varieties of consolidation and development of water-based paint. It is a key to research and development should be based on vinyl acetate - acrylic copolymer emulsion, styrene - acrylic copolymer emulsion and pure acrylic latex binder series based paint and fight in the durability, film smoothness, fullness, construction, decorative and other aspects of a breakthrough; for the more mature epoxy emulsion, water-based polyurethane waterborne base should continue to study high-performance coatings, meet some specific requirements.

To the functional development

Nowadays, in addition to make greater efforts to carry out scientific research on anti-fire, anti-virus, pest control pesticides, thermal insulation and other existing low level of quality functional coatings, we must also intensify research and solve the new problems and difficulties of architectural decoration. Composite technology will be improved and effective way to meet all kinds of functions.

First, function composted. Such as the composite of elastic function and respiratory function: the excellent elastic latex with hydrophilic functional groups of surface modified micro-shell ultrafine particles composite, which made the elastic ability and moisture permeability coexist. The complex flexible features and low pollution functions: The normal reaction emulsion combined with a hydrophilic coating technology, through the use of large molecular weight cross linking reaction latex, and improves elongation and film density, which is combining the elastic function and low pollution function.

Second, we should strengthen basic research on acid rain paint, and solve the problem of buildings affected by acid rain corrosion, fight in the base material composite technology and related auxiliaries match breakthroughs to solve China increasingly serious corrosion of the acid rain on buildings major problem.

Third, the base material of the modified feature is compositing. As for the existing base material has a particular performance modification, and with the special function phase composite. Such as silicone-modified acrylic weathering and moisture curing polyurethane breathable combining in order to achieve the dual role of special functions.

I think this function development is very important for coating industry, but for the Fiberglass Products, it is a long way for them to improve.

As we all know, there more and more wholesale medical supplies for people to select.

Auto parts enterprises grasp the opportunities

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When discussing the ideal relationship between vehicle plant and parts plants, the Minister of FAW-Volkswagen quality assurance department Sui Jian Zhong has an opinion of increasing the supply capability. In order to increase the capability, we can do the work on source, process and key suppliers. As for the management of suppliers, we will give them some help and manage them and urge them to improve themselves. Using the words of FAW - Volkswagen analogy Tiecheng former general manager, said that once we have chosen this vendor supply the parts, is equivalent to the couple married. We are sure to find a way to enhance the ability of the supplier, be sure to let the parts we need to be qualified.

China car modification parts industry, the current competitive structure is "a super, more strong." "A super" refers to the joint venture earlier, supporting enterprises more Shanghai Koito Automotive Lamp, occupy the largest market share; "many strong" mainly refers to Hella, Valeo, Stanley and Xingyu shares. Five companies of this industry mainly high-end products, mastered including LED, AFS, headlight light guides and other new technologies, accounting for a market share of 70%. Which is the only one of Changzhou Xingyu own brands. Zhou Xiaoping chairman, said, starting in 2005, Changzhou Xingyu has become the domestic sales of the first own-brand lights, headlights our products cover all products.

Now, Changzhou Xingyu has formed a complete research system on lights, with simultaneous development with Vehicle plant strength. In the meantime, it also established an independent mold, tooling development, and manufacturing plant and Technology Center has 230 people. You can complete project management, product design, process design and prototype tooling and there are some basic research. The project support, including mold, materials, etc.; which has 2007 on access to national laboratories Changzhou Xingyu laboratories. In addition, Changzhou Xingyu steadily domestic layout, Changchun respectively in Foshan and the establishment of subsidiaries; Changzhou Xingyu International has taken the first step in the establishment of subsidiaries in Europe.

Because of this ability, Changzhou Xingyu bears some special and meaningful projects, such as the 60th anniversary of the convertible red review car headlights, etc. "It is our great honor," Zhou Xiaoping, not without pride said.

Apart from the light industry, the auto parts industry also need to improve themselves, especially for the tire mold and motorcycle mirror.


 China's auto parts market is rising

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According to the relevant industry analyst reports, China's third and fourth-tier cities are very enthusiastic of buying the car, automobile consumption seems to have become “rigid demand" and therefore, automotive investors have a broader space. With the introduction of the new car "Warranty Act" will be implemented, and it will enhance the parts enterprises threshold and the edge parts enterprises have many opportunities with overseas M & A integration. With these advantages, it is meaning that domestic auto parts enterprises with good situation.

The "Warranty Act" will be officially implemented this year on October 1st. This regulation has a clear requirement on parts made, and there are no flexibility requirements. Obviously, the stringent requirements for parts and components and car security system are bound to have a profound impact on the industry. Of course, this is good for preventing the counterfeit from reaping market shares, and the excellent quality of the business is good, it will help parts listed companies to obtain spare orders and to maintain gross margins, to achieve strong Always the Winner.

It is a great challenge for the enterprises which is has a gap for technical level, the ability to control the quality to the original pieces. Therefore, if you want to gain market share, you must comply with the relevant standards. And it will inevitably make the relevant enterprises in the internal management, product technology and quality has improved, or that have no ability or fake-oriented enterprises which will be eliminated, so that industrial optimization integration, bring us a healthy and orderly market.

Chinese parts industry is still very fragmented, on how to get rid of the homogenization of competition, to achieve higher quality production, moving to the upper end of the value chain is a key industry to achieve healthy growth. The acquisition includes the acquisition of overseas assets, but also the future of the industry to achieve transformation and upgrading one of the shortcuts.

Since the 2008 economic crisis does not have periodic, so the future is difficult to predict the economic turmoil, the global M & A market is large, Europe and some parts due to the recent bankruptcy, some market share was let out, Chinese parts companies will fill the vacated market share. Through mergers and acquisitions, which undoubtedly will be stationed in parts company more profitable market. Now, auto parts raw materials such as auto repair tools, car decoration, rubber, steel, etc., prices continued to decline, will alleviate cost pressures, increase profitability, auto Parts Company will also constitute a new good. Overall, the parts market integrity prices rise.

 "Auto Empire" lies in the parts

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Recently, the Chinese Huayu Automotive Systems Company then acquired its joint venture Yanfeng Visteon Automotive Trim 50% stake, making it a wholly owned subsidiary. According to reports, Yanfeng company car interiors business already has autonomous technology development system, independent of the market system and improves customer operations management system. So after the outside shareholders exiting, it can continue in accordance with the "zero-based, neutral, international" strategic objectives. It can further accelerate the car decoration business and expand domestic and foreign markets and also can accelerate into the global supply system. It also shows that the local parts industry chain in-depth development.

Meanwhile, Wanxiang Qianchao has recently announced that it plans to increase the capacity expansion, implementation of the "add an annual output 8.4 million constant velocity drive shaft assembly fixed asset investment projects" in the part of the expansion plan. The project has been initially achieved an annual production capacity of 1.2 million with constant velocity drive shaft assembly production capacity is expected in October the company into small batch trial production. Pursuant to the investment schedule, Wanxiang Qianchao plans to use to raise funds by way of cash capital increase 110 million Yuan for the company to carry out the project plan in order to accelerate the construction of second investment funds to raise the overall progress of the implementation of investment projects. Wanxiang Qianchao said that will accelerate the "Building a world-class auto parts system supplier."

It is preparing the introduction of the “Strategy for Powerful Car Country", and the local parts and car security system to become a core part. Automobile Association executive vice president of Dong Yang believes that the current China's automobile accessories industry is the lack of key technology areas, and relatively high levels of spare parts are mostly foreign-owned or controlling production, while the Chinese capital parts production level is still relatively low. Therefore, to promote the automobile Strategy for Powerful Country, we must improve the industrial chain through the development of components, hoping to form a group of world-class parts suppliers, including both Chinese brand components and foreign brands of components.

"China's auto industry can become a selling country which is the key to the parts." Yao Yiming, deputy general manager of Guangzhou Automobile Group had told the Nanfang Daily reporter said, and now the Chinese auto industry already has annual sales of 20 million of the body amount, the real development of local parts to catch a crucial moment.

 Parts localization

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FAW and Volkswagen will integrate the power train sector, a joint venture between North Power Company. The production of the Volkswagen FAW Engine (Dalian) Company Changchun Branch first planned is an annual capacity of 300,000 units, the second planned is an annual capacity of 450,000 units. The second planned objectives to be achieved by the middle of 2014. This is the Volkswagen Group had announced the construction of seven in China among the first new plant. Changchun Branch has the domestic first multi-type EA888 engine flexible production lines. EA888 third generation 1.8L engine displacement, respectively, and 2.0L, products can match the FAW - Volkswagen's variety of VW and Audi models.

Volkswagen FAW Engine (Dalian) Co., Ltd. is a Volkswagen (China) Investment Co., Ltd. and the China FAW Group Corporation jointly set up a joint venture. EA888 turbocharged direct injection gasoline engine was in the 2007 production. After the first engine produced off the assembly line, Volkswagen FAW Engine (Dalian) Co., Ltd. annual production capacity achieves rapid growth. As Of July 2012, the company's engine products totaled 1,000,000 units.

In addition, there is news that, FAW Volkswagen will build North Power Company, and expect to integrated the north engine and transmission company of Volkswagen and strengthen Volkswagen power train layout in China. In addition to cooperate with the FAW engine joint venture Company and FAW - Volkswagen itself has a transmission company. And in Chengdu and Changchun have production of latest EA211 new engine projects, including naturally aspirated 1.6L and 1.4L TSI and other products. The dual-clutch gearbox from Volkswagen in Dalian is alone company. It is expected that several major power sectors will be integrated.

The integration of the core parts of the Volkswagen and FAW can narrow space of the international car company’s independence, and strengthen the control of a large group of foreign good model system, which is conducive to the deepening of quality automobile accessories Localization.

With the large-scale production and market competition situation requires, joint venture automobile companies are now further strengthening the development of localization in China. Some of the joint venture company pays more attention to different suppliers, which is introduced from Japan, and changan Mazda parts supply system, mostly relying on the local suppliers in China.

Automobile joint venture companies are now more focused in the vehicle development process into the local supply chain. According to reports, the next wide of each model will be implemented from the beginning of the development of parts localization, which is widely not seen in the history of the development of a new car model.

Apart from the parts, the automotive electronics and the motorcycle accessory are also need to strengthen the localization.




 Rubber valley: Silicon Valley model "ecosystem"

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On hearing the "rubber" valley, your mind may imagine a magical rubber plantation in Qingdao city. Came to the valley of rubber, found here is chemical rubber industry ecosystem. There are all kinds of enterprises as the rubber industry’s upstream and downstream, the demand side or the supply side. With the harmony symbiosis, resource sharing, to form the trade, technology, talents, information, culture, service highly clustered industry highlands.

 "Silicon valley" of rubber taking shape

Rubber Valley is to build the gold industry platform with unlimited potential to attract capital from various quarters to pour.

Natural rubber is white and the typical rubber tire is black, while the rubber valley to build a high-tech, low-carbon green "rubber Silicon Valley" for the development of blue Qingdao Economic which will provide a strong backing.

In 2012, China's rubber output value more than 8300 billion Yuan, has become a great nation of rubber supplier. And Qingdao Port throughput of rubber products accounted for 60%. Rubber Valley with climate, geography, and other resources has become an important gathering place for the rubber industry, and Hainan Rubber, soft control shares Sailun shares, binary shares, Germany Lanxess, the United States Cabot, Bekaert more than 160 enterprises has been assigned to the park.

As an industry platform, rubber valley gathered by all kinds of related enterprise of rubber industry, including plastic raw material, synthetic rubber, natural rubber, rubber products, tires, rubber machinery, chemical reagent, electrical and mechanical electronic manufacturing enterprises, and associated with rubber chemical industry’s software development, technology research, engineering design, industry associations, business incubation techniques as well as the service-oriented businesses, and also associated with the industry and trade enterprises. In the park there are so many Banks, investment guarantee, property rights transactions, a coaching, logistics, law, accounting, translation, consulting, human resources, property management, intermediary service institutions, which are related to the development of the enterprises and they will provide a full range of services.

According to the China Rubber Industry Association, Chinese rubber tire production and export volume has leapt to the world’s first, but the rubber industry is very fragmented, and the basic research is weak, excess capacity of low-end products, the lack of high-end products, and the low brand reputation in the world rubber industry, lack of power in the world rubber industry. China's rubber industry is in a big but not strong situation. During the "Twelve Five-year" period, China's rubber industry is the core of the strategy to grow stronger.

Rubber Valley use the experience of successful of U.S. Silicon Valley for reference, and use the Government to promoting, leading industry associations, universities supporting, enterprise participation and agency services’ "political research funding" this five model of development, both through the numerous industrial parks, science and technology park, industrial park visits, through painstaking research and repeated demonstration, and get inspiration from the ecological chain, explore a new model of development - "ecosystem" development model. For industry experts believe that China will promote the construction of Rubber Valley Rubber industrial structure, product structure adjustment and development mode, accelerate brand building for the Chinese rubber industry to explore a new model of development.

 The strategy for coating business

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Coating industry is very dependent on channels. To some extent, dealers are the God of coating companies. However, coatings industry’s God who is not always glamorous, they also have their own troubles.

We can learn from the market staff that complained of the dealer not only has positive message but also contains negative emotions. These negative emotions include dissatisfaction with the coating manufacturer and bearish on the future, demands for support and so on. They need a channel to pour this negative information, but when the dealer chooses to tell us, it is precisely that the channel is not clear.

This may be most paint companies have done enough place. After all, as China coatings industry, every business are struggling to expand their market territory, thereby also increasing the number of dealers, and some even beyond the enterprise's ability to control range. This will inevitably lead to biased on the care of the channel, leading from the bottom of the poor as well as information channel occlusion.

This may be most coating companies have done not enough on this place. After all, with the development of coating industry in China, every enterprise tried to expand their market territory, and the number of dealers is become more and more and some of them even beyond the capability of the enterprise control. This will inevitably lead to biased on the care of the channel, leading from the bottom of the poor as well as information channel occlusion.

As we all know, the media is actually a good source of information dissemination channels, so dealers are willing to tell about their dissatisfaction to our marketing people, so I guess we have a hope to use a third-party channels to convey their hopes. Unfortunately, some of our enterprises are not willing to communicate with media to convey their dissatisfactions, and they are more accustomed to glorify. 

So there will be a dealers ultimately helpless abandon a brand or an enterprise. For our marketing staff, the dealers drop into this situation is very easy to find. Some of them will ask, which brand has better service for dealers; Or how to do with when the manufacturers let the dealer aside.  

In fact, the dealer with information between manufacturers (especially negative information) gap has caused some of the industry's injury. Because of poor dissemination of information led to mismanagement, some dealers even blamed up the entire paint industry, and ultimately abandoned paint products business, start another line of business to make a living. For the paint industry, which is an intangible loss?

Perhaps the rubber manufacturer have to say: there must also some reasons for their own for mismanagement dealers, and they should not blame crime enterprises entirely. This is certain. But this rebuttal of the manufacturers is precisely real that its channel management has loopholes.

All in all the enterprises should do well for its internal work at ordinary times, and give the best service to the dealers. And keeping the vendor communication channel is smooth.

Except for the coating industry, the organic chemicals industry also needs the good channel.

 The medical device will have a reshuffle

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All along, China's new medical device has a big gap with the developed countries, and most of the devices are low value-added products. In the fierce market competition, medical device companies are likely to soon face a major reshuffle of the situation. In the field of medical devices, some of the major high-end diagnostic equipment has been dependent on imports. Core component technology can not grasp which is one of the difficulties of China's medical instrument industry to upgrade.

Experts said that the country has adopted and implemented the policies and regulations and in order to fundamentally reverse this situation which is urgent. The core for this polices and regulations are to encourage and support national enterprises through technological innovation, grasp the core of advanced medical technology, and start the process of globalization.

Domestic demand for large hospital high-end equipment preparation showed a trend of saturated, slowing growth in demand for high-end medical equipment. And under the background of "medical reform", the rural market has become a transnational company tried to compete for the potential of the market. In order to consolidate and expand its market share in China's medical equipment market, the multinational companies are actively cooperating with Chinese companies or doing localization research and development and other means to low-end market penetration.

Over the past five years there is a steady rise in the number of medical institutions across the country, and this trend has certain stability. In the next few years, there will bring a lot of investment in health infrastructure and medical equipment and instruments as part of the infrastructure will benefit for the whole industry expansion, and the medical equipment manufacturing enterprises will benefit significantly.

The personage inside course of study analysis that China's medical equipment industry will be developed to the direction of higher science and technology, more intelligent, and using the digital technology in the field of other disciplines. Nowadays, the intelligent robot and intelligent development has a big breakthrough, our country will also add high-tech medical instruments in the future.

China's medical equipment industry should accurately grasp the status of competition in the industry characteristics, adopt to the global medical device market trends, foster local enterprises monopoly, as soon as reasonably possible change in production patterns, aim at the potential direction of product development, achieve the whole industry chain of medical equipment transformation and upgrading, which is a high-end medical equipment power charging.

All in all, every company has to try their best to meet the challenge. Except for the medical device company, the disposable medical gloves and condom manufacturer are also meeting the challenge.




 Kingdom of Plastic

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"Innovation-driven, hand in hand to realize the dreams" as the theme of the 2013 China (Yuyao) International Plastics Expo and The 15th China Plastics Expo (hereinafter referred to as Plastic Fair) will be held on 6-9 November 2013 in Yuyao, China plastic International Exhibition Center grand opening.

Plastic Fair of year is organized by the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association, China National Petroleum Corporation, China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation, China Sinochem Corporation, China Light Industry Federation and Yuyao Municipal People's Government. And the Plastic Fair is ranked by Ministry of Commerce Department as a guide to support the show in 2013. Total exhibition area of ​​46,000 square meters, set of plastic raw material, plastic machinery, machine tools, molds, mold products, a total of 2,200 standard booths.

Brands gathered to share industry opportunities

Since 1999, Plastic Fair has been successfully held 14 years and known as "the Chinese plastics industry first exhibition," and won the domestic and overseas exhibitors and visiting businessmen unanimously affirmed.

Ten years of brand effect makes plastic Fair attracted a number of domestic plastic raw materials, mold machine, plastic machinery outstanding companies are participating, many of them are world top 500 enterprises. And this kind of phenomenon formed a good cluster effect.

Plastic Fair aims for the plastics industry effort to build a set of resources, business stems from one of the large platform. Plastic Fair is also good for plastics and orderly development of the whole industry chain to make a positive contribution.

Integrated industry chain to build plastic industry event

Yuyao, Zhejiang, is the famous "plastic kingdom, Die village", has the largest plastics professional market - China Plastics City, with the set of plastic raw materials, plastic products, plastic machinery, molding products, rubber products processing, plastic industry information in one a complete industrial chain, where every movement will affect the Chinese plastics industry each root sensitive nerve.

Throughout the previous plastic expo, it is not difficult to find that the scale of the Plastic Fair is increasing, popular of Plastic Fair is going up, and the professional is getting stronger and stronger. Meanwhile, the international specialty is also becoming apparently. Recalling to 2012 Plastic Fair and it has a total of 489 exhibitors. From overseas 37 countries and regions and 29 provinces and 365 cities of more than 21,351 professional buyers who registered to visit.

2013 Plastic Fair upcoming November 6 grand debut Yao City will be held over the same period of the Ninth China Plastics Industry Development International Forum. Plastic circles stay tuned!


 Three details for unqualified baby toys

Keywords: plastic toys, paper toys, plastic materials

Recently, the China Consumer Association announced the result of 100 models toys’ comparable experimental and it showed that there are some safety hazards abound ,for example, the part of the toy is too small and the rope is too long. Secretary-General of the International Food Packaging Association Dong Jinshi pointed out that parents buy toys for their children, not only base on the appearance, colour, etc., but also paying attention to the small details of toy design. There three aspects can help parents to pick toys for their children.

Pay attention to the length of the rope

Dong Jinshi said in order to prevent children from being injured or strangled by the rope. Therefore, China has specific security technical specifications about the length of rope toys. According to the standards, the pull toys which used by the baby who is under 36 months with an attachment on the ropes length must not exceed 220mm. In the detection of the Consumers Association found that a plastic toys company produces a baby toys with a length of 270mm of ropes and beyond the standard requirements.

Dong Jinshi reminded that many parents prefer to buy the toys for their baby online, and it is difficult to determine whether the toy safety or not. So the parents should pay more attention to their baby when the baby is playing the toys.

The toy should be break-resistant

Most of the toys are made of plastic materials and toys are beating with the growing of your baby, so the break-resistant is also the necessary quality for children’s toys. According to the consumer association, it found that the baby music rattles which is produced by a Toys Industry Company is fragmentation after dropping.

Dong Jinshi pointed that small parts on toys may be swallowed easily and causing suffocation hazard. Therefore, when parents choosing toys for their children, in order to avoid problems during the baby to use they should try to beat in advance and.

"WARNING" font not less than fourth

For safety reasons, there are some strict requirements for children's toys logo and instruction. According to Dong Jinshi, children's toys on the packaging of the "WARNING" and warnings fonts have specific requirements, such as the warnings should be not less than the 5th bold font, and the "Warning" should not be less than the 4th bold font.

  In addition, according to the standard, if the children toys for 37 to 72 months’ children to use contain small parts, there should be warnings. In addition, the toys must be marked on the product name, model number, standard number, for ages, the name of the manufacturer or distributor address. When buying toys, parents should first carefully read the identification information that will help parents to choose toys for children ages, and timely understanding of the safe use of toys to avoid possible injury.

Apart from plastic toys, parents also should be pay attention to the paper toys.


 The knowledge of outdoor camping

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Tent camping is the main camp way for field trips, mountaineering expeditions and other outdoor activities and it is worth promoting. Tent camping has so many features. First, tent camping can make you more close to nature. There is no way to be closer to nature than sleeping tents. Please image that your body is under the soil rather than steel and wooden bed, when you open the door of the outdoor canopy you can see the beautiful and natural scenery. There is no concrete building to block your line of sight, which is the true return to nature. Second, it is adaptable home. As long as three square meters of flat land, you can build the “home” live within two people. A top lightest tent only about 1 kg, as long as it is in the side, is there a shade, shelter house, and can also help to avoid the snow, cold, etc., and it is our field trip intimate partner. All in all, with it you can enjoy a comfortable trip. Last but not least, it is an economic camping. Travel abroad, the most economical cost of accommodation is accommodating tents. If you don’t believe, you can count on: a good tent should be 450 Yuan (maximum of 3 people), if you use it carefully, it can be available at least 50 times (nights) or more, then we can find that a per capita cost is only 3 Yuan. Three Yuan a night charge of it is very cheap, and both cost-effective and hygienic accommodation in tents. Of course, the cost of these benefits is to pre-investment and effort of the strap.

The selection and construction of building the camp are related to all the people to have a rest. The place of the camp is very important, and the following precautions are listed as follow:

Near Water: camping rest without water, near the water is the camp to select the first element. Therefore, the choice of the place should be chosen campsite near streams, lakes, rivers edge for water. But not all the camp can tie on the riverside, some rivers’ upstream have power plants, in the period of water storage, the flood is wide and small water. Once turn on the water, it will swell the flood, including some streams. This kind of streams is usually small, once the next storm, which may have made flood or flash floods. So when you want to have camp outside, you must pay attention to prevent this problem, especially during the rainy season and flash floods-prone areas.

Leeward: camping in the wild, we must consider the leeward problem, especially in some of the valleys, flood, we should want to choose a place to camp leeward. Also note that the door is facing the tent against the wind. Leeward also consider the use of fire safety and convenience.

Far Cliffs: the camp can not be embedded in the cliff. This is very dangerous, when the wind is strong, there may be scraped stones and other objects, and causing casualties.

All in all, when the weather is very clod, you can bring a Chinese wine to drink and make your body become warmly. Apart from camping outside to enjoy your holiday, you can also play the amusement rides to relax yourself.

 Manufacturers have to focus on expanding moderately priced varieties of wine

Keywords: Chinese wine, China wine, condiment, seasoning

"Chinese wine industry after nearly 10 years of rapid development has entered a period of depth adjustment. Industry consolidation, increasing concentration is the trend. Chinese liquor manufacturers should to pay attention to strengthen of the "waist” (the varieties of moderately priced)." Chinese wine industry Association chairman Wang Yancai to participate in Handan "Wuliangye liquor filling Hebei Linzhang industrial Park" project signing ceremony as expressed above.

Handan Municipal People's Government, Linzhang People's Government, Wuliangye Co., Ltd. and other units to build a "Hebei Linzhang liquor filling Industrial Park" project signing ceremony was held in Handan. The parties signed the "About investment to set up" Hebei Yong Bu Fen Li wine Company Limited " and to build linzhang Hebei industrial Park liquor filling a strategic framework agreement" and " About funded the establishment of Hebei Yong Bu Fen Li wine Company Limited Contribution Agreement."

Li Ming, Linzhang CPC Committee Secretary, introduction that the parties work together to create "Hebei Linzhang liquor filling Industrial Park" and is expected to total investment of 6 billion Yuan, after the project completed, the annual production capacity of liquor filling 30,000 tons and is expected to total sales income of 6,000,000,000 Yuan. He thought the project will achieve revenue 600 million Yuan or more and more than 5,000 people to solve the employment.

Wang Yancai was pointed out that it is the time when China wine industry has entered a period of depth adjustment and industry consolidation, increasing concentration is the trend. Wuliangye liquor and other Chinese leader company should adapt to market changes, achieve nation-wide strategic layout, expanding the low-end market share, and further reinforce the company's "waist" strategy. Its strong brand, quality of the original wine, first-class technology, sufficient funds, excellent corporate culture and advanced management concepts and so on will be implementing and promoting the "going out" strategy, and quickly occupied the low-end market to provide a solid and powerful protection.

Tang Qiao, Wuliangye Group chairman, at the signing ceremony, said that in the future the base wine of all new company products will be directly transported to linzhang from Sichuan Yibin. The blending and filling will be in linzhnag and make good use of multilateral cooperation force, give full play to Hebei Yong regardless of Hebei Yong Bu Fen Li wine Company Limited established market resources, channel resources, as well as regional market advantage of the higher brand awareness, market development in line with consumer demand in North China regional mid-products, which is to adapt to market changes and growth Wuliangye "waist" brand tension innovations.

As we all know, Chinese wine industry plays an important role in our country, but the condiment or seasoning also play a vital role.

 Office supplies industry analysis

Keyword: office stationery, file folder, electronic whiteboard

China's annual sales of office supplies have more than 1000 Yuan, and there are 17 million manufacturers in 2004. China has become the world's largest consumer of office supplies. But in the global trade of about $ 200 billion market, the China office supplies consumer market accounted for only 5.8%.

Two named Office Depot, Staples of U.S. companies, since 1986, by virtue of a special office stationery supermarket chain business model in 18 years, the development of the world top 500.

Most people are very familiar with "Office supplies", and the range of office supplies including particularly broad, small pencil to file folder a few bucks, large on a million computers, fax machines, electronic whiteboard and so on. Office Supplies solidarity with the people's work, has formed a fixed industries. Office supplies in the industry include: office stationery, office equipment and office furniture.

China has a huge market and China currently has more than 300 million urban population, the population has grown rapidly, more than 80 cities has more than one million population, and the city's consumption level improved significantly. The level of consumption in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, these world-class cities, also ranks above the international average. According to the statistics show that last year, China's overall office products sales reached 100 billion or more. Ownership of which is estimated by 2002, China has 6.5 million unit’s stylus machines, inkjet machines 8850000, 1500000 copier, 6000000 fax machine, the annual consumption of various supplies worth more than 25 billion Yuan. These statistics are fully revealing market potential for office supplies. In the big cities, per capita annual consumption of office products has reached 100 Yuan or more, and is far from saturated. As the large office supplies supermarket chains have been established, for the Chinese office supplies in the world launched a new situation.

First, one step reaches all office needs

As for the office supplies procurement staff, procurement of office supplies often want to purchase in one place, whether it is small enough to pen and ink, or large computers, and office supplies chain just to meet the various needs of people. Procurement office as the online membership massive single-handedly integrated office products supplier. Covering large supermarket on thousands of products up office supplies products, such as computer installed, file copying, binding, digital printing, printing business cards and stationery, OA equipment, IT products and some office furniture and other office in all.

Second, Sunshine procurement

In order to comply with consumer interests and administrative procurement industry regulation, many office supplies supermarket chains come up with "Sunshine procurement". This action not only brought the entire industry manage ecosystems of the times change, but also will gradually establish new rules of the game.

Third, professional field of office supplies

In the U.S., professional office supplies supermarket has been very mature, such as Office Depot, Staples, are used for 18 years the world has reached 500, and their annual turnover to achieve more than 100 billion dollars, and the number of branches all over 1000. In order to catch up with the international trend, China office supply industry will have a professional field.

 The development of office furniture

Keyword: china office furniture, office furniture wholesale, electronic whiteboard

With the improvement of economic level, office furniture has gradually separated from the traditional household furniture, and there are more and more furniture products using for office professionally. Most of China office furniture is through comprehensive research and design and make it more suitable for the use of office space. How the future development of the China office furniture?

First, user-friendly design

    As People's living standards improve, the requirements for substance use also increased. Office furniture is the same, user-friendly design is important starting point for the future development. It is very helpful that under the condition of ensuring furniture adapt to office requirements and makes maximum level of comfort for development.

Second, the establishment of brand

     Today, many China office furniture wholesale is a unlicensed ". Many of the factory product quality are very good but most of the products can only sale in local and can not open big market, which is related to the brand and the service. To improve the comprehensive competitiveness it is necessary to ensure that brand reputation, brand strategy is the most important development in the market. With the brand and reputation not only open the Chinese market, but also to open up the international market.

Third, the environmental and health

     Green Office is a fundamental belief of many companies today; there is growing emphasis on environmental health office. So office furniture must also conform to the times. Good furniture, office furniture made ​​of environmental health.

Four, following the international market

Always pay attention to the development of the international market, China's office furniture is starting still relatively backward, and compared with many international companies still have a big gap. Particularly in branding and marketing. Open the international market will be the largest development direction of the office furniture.

Five, the era of intelligent furniture

Smart phones, smart TVs are not unfamiliar, as technology advances, the emergence of new materials, there will be many high-tech purely functional integration of a particularly high standard of furniture in front of consumers. Now, the living is basically intelligent control, high-tech office furniture also allows integration into intelligent furniture into the era that will be more convenient to use, more humane. Smart office furniture market will inevitably lead to the emergence of a strong reaction.

Apart from the office furniture, electronic whiteboard is also starting its era of intelligent furniture.

Sixth, improving artistic and aesthetic

Art is priceless, and only people who can truly appreciate them, can they feel really wonderful. This is also thanks to the improvement of economic level. As people's material requirements increase, artistic office furniture is an important part of future development.


Micro letter to sell wine, new channel for group purchase

Keyword: plastic toys; China wine; Chinese wine

In July, Chongqing some operators launch platform for the micro letter to sell wine in operation, causing great concern to the industry. Compare with the traditional electric business model such as taobao, jiuxian network, the micro letter was introduced a few years and becoming liquor platform quickly, of micro letter incredibly, and the speed of using it to sale the wine is amazing.

It is known that micro letter launched in 2011, now has more than 300 million users, a large number of users present a great commercial opportunity and most of the merchant think highly of it. After QQ marketing, microblogging marketing, the micro-channel marketing naturally becomes the next hot spot.

Many international brand such as Rejoice, Starbucks have already had their own micro letter public account, and occupy micro letter platform become the trend. Moreover, the plastic toys and the clothes also suit to microblogging marketing. The China wine industry has been seeking a breakthrough natural unwilling to lag behind, after micro-channel liquor platform launch, it seems that letting this area become the new focus.

In fact, in addition to the ordinary form of showing with internet pages, promoting their products in the B2C model, using QQ, microblogging and other instant messaging software or the media publishing software to do publicity for the product is not uncommon.

 Before the advent of the micro letter, microblogging was the hottest media platform, is the most concerned marketing platform. 140 words satin + picture + link is a standard form of propaganda for many products. Constantly, microblogging will soon drown the original information.

This time, one on one interaction, released information in circle of friends, with real-time voice, text, micro letter communication function, the micro letter gradually catch up and become the business of "the new darling."

    Making good use of micro letter marketing is not without precedent. Xi'an Qu Chi-commerce in June this year opened a public micro letter account, only the average consumer plus the concern, can they get the latest product of the company's promotional message.

Much merchant use the micro letter release information, in fact, the effect may be not as good as microblogging. As microblogging has property of opening and make it easier to carry the timely dissemination of information. But the micro letter has some privacy; more belongs to a circle of communication or a communication tool.

     It is understood that the form of micro letter shopping not only in the wine industry is a new thing, but also in other areas are also rare. As for operator of liquor whose micro letter platform has been set up is a new way for them to sale the wine.

Micro letter platform in the short term will not have much influence; it just represents the future development direction, and can not replace the traditional offline channels, or other electricity supplier channels. All in all, the Chinese wine industry is heading farther and farther.


 Looking the development of the cosmetics industry through recalling tide

Keyword: China cosmetics, plastic bag, cosmetics suppliers

If you allow the Chinese consumers to make a choice about cosmetics, cosmetics safety must be the primary option for the Chinese consumer. Because it is an extremely sensitive era that he public's nerves have been frequently pressed by the cosmetics security issues.

However, the current situation is not optimistic. According to the statistical data on the first half of this year, the domestic cosmetics market accidents occur frequently, especially the leader of industry which had some quality problems and a cosmetic product recalling tide. Undoubtedly, it will make consumers cosmetics safety warning index to soar.

The chemical industry analyst of Champoux Consulting pointed out that facing with today's wider choice, consumers are more demanding and competition is more intense in the cosmetics market, especially Chinese consumer are facing with safety issues frequently in all areas. Under the premise that the consumers are insufficient confidence in all categories of goods in the safety, how to ensure the safety and quality of products will become necessary conditions for healthy development of the cosmetics industry in the China cosmetics market.

For the development stage, the cosmetics industry in China is growing currently at real power stage. The purchasing power of Chinese consumers is getting stronger, fashion awareness is gradually formed, and therefore, it is the golden period for the cosmetics industry to develop. Whether domestic cosmetics industry or international cosmetics brands, however, if it can not adopt a strict standard in the safe and build up a responsible and safe image in front of the Chinese consumers, it certainly will influence the development of enterprises in the late. And we can find that the consumers also think highly of the package of the cosmetics, especially for the plastic bag.

Fortunately, compared with international cosmetics brand’s recalling tide, negative news of Chinese cosmetics industry are rare. This is good for establishing Chinese consumers to support domestic consumption concept is undoubtedly a driving force. But for most of the origin roots of local cosmetics companies, how to expand scale development under the professional standards and financial strength and how to occupy a certain market share in today’s market.

Champoux Consulting published in the "2010-2013 China's cosmetics industry analysis and investment feasibility study report" pointed out: the China cosmetics industry does not lack of market in a golden development period, but how to win the consumers in the competitive market will be the industry's current and relatively long period of time in the future. For the local cosmetics industry, it is not only need to ensure the safety of products, but also need to stand out in a short period of time and not lose market share and this task seems more daunting. But as long as a good development strategies for cosmetics suppliers or manufactures, after arduous task and will certainly usher in a better future.



 The export of Taizhou’s kitchen ware has grown about 24 percent

Keywords: kitchen ware, plastic bag, plastic film

Yesterday, the reporter learned from Taizhou Exit Inspection and Quarantine, the first half of this year, Taizhou kitchen ware industry steady growth in exports, in which plastic table ware and kitchen ware, metal table ware and kitchen ware, paper table ware and kitchen ware are three categories of exports of $ 257,807,800, and an increase of 23.89%, its export growth leads the Taizhou light industrial products. As the foreign markets are unclear and the export growth is not high overall, the city kitchen ware industry is a "contrarian raid."

It is worth mentioning that, as Taizhou traditional pillar industries, metal and plastic table ware and kitchen ware will prop up Taizhou kitchen ware industry one day. In the first half year, the two categories of kitchen ware’s export batches achieve double-digit growth in both the amount and their growth is much higher than non-plastic items like kitchen ware’s overall export growth. Among them, metal kitchen ware exports $ 49,671,600, an increase of 38.42%; plastic table ware and kitchen ware exports $ 198,644,400, an increase of 23.32%.

"The high quality makes Taizjou table ware and kitchen ware has a high grow. In the first half of this year, exports of metal kitchen ware in Taizhou, a failure rate of 0%. Not only the product quality reassured and at the same time brings huge trade orders. As the high quality, the capacity is further optimized. " A staff of Taizhou textile CIQ office told reporters that at present, Taizhou kitchen ware industry gradually showing three major trends: transformation and upgrading of enterprises, the effect of the horizon; new products material, use of new technology is more mature; small and micro enterprises gradually standardized, and strive to do a small fine.

The staff said, take Taizhou plastic table ware and kitchen ware industry as an example, from 2007 to 2013, after nearly six years of helping and controlling, the industry has been basically out of the initial " poor embarrassing situation management infrastructure, low-grade products, the quality is no assurance ".

"Practicing product innovation, material innovation, process innovation has become the industry consensus." The staff believes that the city's kitchen ware enterprises are gradually to specialization, automation, multiple directions; Meanwhile, as the representative of nylon PE composite kettle new products, and bamboo powder, PLA, corn starch as the representative of environmental protection and new materials, the multi-layer composite, rotational molding process as the representative of the new technology applications are gradually mature, the average annual number of innovative enterprises export grew more than 30%, Taizhou kitchen ware industry has entered the fast lane.

In the same time, the plastic bag and the plastic film industries are also built on the quality. All in all, quality is the basic of every industry.

 The most useful way to buy a sofa

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The sofa is the soul of the living room and on behalf of a family's personality and taste. Most of the home time, we mainly enjoying a better life on the sofa. The sofa is the most important furniture in the living room; its style can even decide the tone of the living room. Faced with assortment of sofa products on the market, how to choose a good sofa? There some rules list as follow.

Trick one: To observe the stability of sofa frame

A good China sofa must use square and dowel into a frame and the side fix with the board. We can feel the weight of the sofa by holding up the sofa. If it is using packaging board, plywood to nail into a sofa and the sofa’s weight is very light, while solid wood frame is relatively heavy; also you can shake the sofa to feel its solid level.

Trick two: To look at the internal structure of fine workmanship degree

Whether a leather sofa or a fabric sofa, generally has zipper at the bottom and it can be opened, we can open this zipper and check inside the sofa , if there is no rotten, no insects, no scars, no tree bark or wood hair with smooth hardwood production, and the interface between materials and materials is not with nails, but with the mortise or carved to chemical each other, and then use the glue, with this checking these workmanship, there is no problem to buy the sofa.

Trick three: Observe the leather materials

It is critical to observe the leather when you buying the leather sofa. Now, the market is divided many popular sofa into full green husk sofa and half green husk sofa. When you are buying the leather sofas, you should choose the leather with rich luster, no scars, and fine skin texture lines. Apart from that, you should use the fingertip to pinch one and pull up a drag and sit down on the sofa for a while. If you feel flexible and powerful and the wrinkles can be disappearing after trimmed or the wrinkles are not obvious, such is the finest leather. As for the fabric sofa, you should pay attention to whether the sofa seat cover and back cover can be removing. Most of the high-grade cotton cloth lining fabric sofa, and polluted sites should be change and wash easily. Sofa fabric should be relatively thick, and its weight should be 300 g / square meter or above and this kind of sofa is more durable, and ensuring that more than 12,000 times to the surface friction and there are no ball.

Trick four: To look the foam sponge filling inside sofa

The filling mainly refers to sponge and sponge is classified by elasticity with high elasticity, high elastic and soft, and middle elasticity.

The back and armrests of the sofa is made with ​​middle elasticity sponge, the high elasticity and high elastic and super soft sponge are made of the seat parts. The high-grade sofa cushion should use the high elastic foam sponge 30 kg / cubic meter or above, and the back cushion should use the high-elastic foam sponge and the density is 25 kg / cubic meters above. As consumers, you can sit down and see for yourselves. Under normal circumstances, the body sat down in the sofa cushion recess 10 centimeters for the best.

Trick five: To compare with the brand

Consumers should try to choose sofa suppliers and sofa manufactures with the good reputation. Because the brand is generally recognized by consumer in the long run, and its stable quality, low repair rate, the warranty period is long, and after-sales service is guaranteed.

Learned to pick the sofa with five tricks, you can make sure you pick the good quality sofa.

 Seven methods for diver protecting the seabed environment

Keyword: swimming goggles, diving suits, diving flippers

As summer holiday is coming, more and more people prefer to go diving or go swimming. In the shopping centre we can find that a lot of people are buying the swimming suits, swim goggles. For the diving lover, they also need to prepare the diving supplies, such as the diving suits, diving flippers. As more and more people want to dive in the sea and some of them do not pay attention to the seabed environment and destroy the seabed. In order to protect the seabed, there are seven methods for you to follow to protect the environment.

First, do not take the initiative to touch any marine life, including coral.

When you are diving in the fragile marine ecosystem, you should be careful and do not touch the coral reefs. Many marine organisms is very fragile, as long as the cylinders, knees, cameras, fins hit, or even be touched by hand, it will hurt. It is important to remember that the marine organisms such as corals’ growth is very slow a little piece of coral have to spend decades to grow. Just be careful, you can prevent the magnificent diving location from damage.

Second, when you’re diving, you should note the position of your body and equipment.

You should keep the instrument cluster with alternate air source fixed, and avoid the instrument dragging on the reef or other livings’ habitat. Proper control of buoyancy, and be careful not to touch fragile creatures. Each dive, you should fulfill its responsibility to avoid harm marine life.

Third, continue further study Step up Lesson, so dive skills keep the skillful state.

Before going diving, you should be accompanied by professional’s people in the swimming pool or other safety environment practice diving skills. You can also use the "PADI Scuba Review," "PADI Advanced Open Water Diver" course, or "Project AWARE Specialty" courses such as "Peak Performance Buoyancy" course for a refresher dive skills and knowledge.

Four, please consider your interactions with marine life, will affect them or not?

Please restrain yourself, do not touch, feeding marine life, and do not pull marine organisms in the sea parade. These actions might be caused by pressure on marine life, interrupting their eating or mating behavior, and even angered gentle creatures which led to attack.

Five, understand and respect the marine life.

Thinking them as toys or food, will destroy the marine ecosystem, interfere with the local ecosystem, or let other divers who can no longer enjoy these creatures. You can participate in the "Project AWARE Underwater Naturalist Course biological observers" or "AWARE Fish Identification Specialty course," to learn how to maintain the sustainability interaction with the marine life.

Six, do not collect souvenirs.

Collecting samples, coral, and shells would make a beautiful environment and local resources quickly depleted. If you want to bring some souvenirs back home, please take pictures.

Seven, if you would like hunting fish, observe the hunting regulations.

Local regulations will protect the reproduction and survival of marine life. You should obtain the hunting license before hunting. 

 The Common Sense of Buying Office Plate Furniture

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Office furniture with the advantages of novel style, colorful, clear wood and no distortion, no cracking, decay and moderate price becoming a new breed of office furniture category.

Nowadays, more and more companies prefer to choose the plate furniture especially for the China office furniture which was mainly making the plate furniture. If you want to buy some Chinese antique furniture, you should follow the three points for choosing the right plate furniture.

Choose the right plate furniture should note the following five points:

First, the surface quality

Furniture in chipboard, medium density fiberboard and other artificial board as base material and its surface is decorated with melamine, PVC, wooden veneer and printed wood grain and other cover and the imitation wood-shaped pattern is clear, natural, smooth, has a good vision effect and feel. When purchasing the office furniture, you should mainly to see the surface of the of the plate whether there is scratches, indentation, bubbling, unglued from the skin and other defects; whether the natural wood grain pattern is smooth and not having feeling of artificial; for symmetric furniture, you should pay attention to the board color, texture consistency and harmonization and the symmetrical plate from the same material.

Second, production quality

In the production of furniture is in the shape of the plate after cutting saws, decorative edge, and parts assembled combination. The quality of its production mainly to see the cutting saws, edge, surface quality and decorative quality of plates ports. Furniture made of the plate which has quality requirements during the cutting and especially for the plate straightness and vertical degree, angle. General sheet metal cutting saw less than 0.01 mm per meter, the efficiency and precision of the plate cutting saws back profile formation, the angle is good, after the furniture made of the phenomenon does not appear inclined plate. The accuracy of conference saw’s blade will also affect the face plate, the quality of the end edges, scratches, chipping, collapse etc. and this kind of cutting saws defects will also affect the appearance of furniture quality. Edge, surface decoration decorative parts mainly to see whether the uniform coating, bonding is strong, trimming it smooth, spare parts side panels, door panels, drawer panels and other visible parts of the exit at the other end is edge treatment, decorative excellent profile on the touch panel side no traces of adhesive.

Third, the quality of metal parts, plastic parts

Furniture with metal parts, plastic parts for fastening pieces, so the quality of metal parts also determines the intrinsic quality of furniture within the furniture is good or bad. Metal parts required smart, smooth, surface plating is good, can not have rusted, and burrs, etc., with higher precision parts. Plastic parts to be handsome and beautiful, colorful, use the focus position to have strength and elastic, not too thin. Open-type connector requires rotating flexible; spring-loaded to the internal elastic appropriate, such furniture in the open will be a smooth, easy, no friction sound.

All in all, no matter you buy one office furniture or having the office furniture wholesale, you should select them carefully and save money. 

 Focus on large customers, office supplies industry highlights new market positioning

Keyword: office stationery, file folder, ink cartridgeelectronic whiteboard

Chengdu office supplies market is in the market competition pattern, even if it is the first merchants in the market and the market share is less than 5% and also difficult to becoming the leader absolutely. Meanwhile, competition between businesses are at a low level, and breeding a cut-throat market, shoddy, not timely delivery, quality of service and unstable are becoming a chaos in the office supplies market. Not only service providers are difficult to get a healthy development, but also customer value is lost in the clutter of the market environment.

How to tap the core competitiveness of enterprises, upgrading service system, from increased customer value to meet their needs, and thus reach a win-win situation are becoming the problem that the office supplies industry must be tackled. In order to solve this problem, we have  a special trip to visit several office products supplier in Chengdu and find that the Sangu in Chengdu has the market prospects for breakthrough.

To adapt to changes in the market, through the ongoing strategic adjustment, Sangu is unique in the industry, and determining to focus on large customers as market positioning.

The reason to focus large customers, because they have a distinctive common: The management of Material Requirements Planning (MRP) is very strict, because the production of raw materials once out of stock is intolerable thing for the enterprise. As for office supplies, the companies do not have the normative inventory management generally, so this kind of customer service office products supplier is still very strict requirements.

After determining the position of focus on large customers, the focus of which meet the needs of large customers becomes the next key. According to feedback of market research last for many years, large customers during the office procurement, the top three needs are quality, enough products, and fast delivery. Which most concern to customers, but also the market short board is having enough products for customer to select? Today, office supplies stationery already exceeded the previous concept and it include the a variety of items using in office, including office paper, office stationery, office supplies, office equipment, ink cartridge, computers and accessories, digital products, file folder, office furniture, business gifts in manufacturing and electronic whiteboard, the departments responsible for procurement of office supplies and sometimes handling personnel protective equipment. And corporate procurement officers should not only deal with a number of suppliers, sometimes even hundreds of dollars to purchase products on the market are forced to go everywhere, which makes office procurement companies have to become complex and more time, manpower, pay transport costs. Market demand is the direction of enterprise development, Sangu proposed a "homogeneous product" value proposition. This is not only the core needs of the customer is not satisfied, but also the enterprise's traditional strengths. We learned that the Sangu is establishing a more than 1,500 suppliers in 20 years in the country and in the ERP system and precipitated several kinds of commodities procurement information, including suppliers, procurement costs, etc., can very quickly implementation of the procurement, and fully meet the government, finance, manufacturing, and other lines of customers' needs.


 Own brand of candy: the development of the industry breaks the bottleneck here?

Keywords: candy suppliers, candy manufactures, plastic bag

In the entire food sub-category, the candy industry's potential had always been optimistic about the industry. According to the statistics of the China Food Industry Association Candy professional members show that China's candy industry scale was 50 billion Yuan in 2009 and increase to 62 billion Yuan in 2011. From this figure, we can find that the entire candy industry has been continuously maintained a double-digit compound annual growth rate, and is concerned in food industry.

Recent data show that the 2012 Chinese candy industry annual growth rate gradually slowed down and the profits showed a decreasing trend and the development of the existing market drag into a burnout. Facing with "bottleneck" in today's market conveys a message: the future of the candy industry’s bottlenecks need a new power to break? Throughout the supermarkets that have larger trading volume in Shanghai, the concentration of candy brand is not high. Either Hsu Fu Chi, or White Rabbit of Kraft, is difficult to occupy in the whole industry more than 15% share. Even if the overall foreign brands together will not more than 3 billion Yuan total output value. Single brand can not came out top, and the crowd picked up the flame together may not be a higher fire.

The bottleneck of the candy market is becoming apparently and ready for the old and new models’ battle equipped ammunition. For the traditional ideas of confectioners, maintaining existing products and business models, through marketing campaigns and public relations, trying to open up their world. For holding innovative ideas of candy providers, to produce multi-brand products to expand market share, to find not only ensure a stable and large quantity orders, but also save the cost of production and sales to the terminal buyers is the key, which candy retail sector have to mention innovative ideas - retail own brand. Retailing own brand, which is produced by the factory OEM and stuck to retailing stores brands, and sold to the supermarket in one time. In other countries, retailing branded products due to the advantages of inexpensive and homogeneous, has won 30 percent of the market share. But for the Chinese own brand has less than 5% of the market share and a huge potential for development. There a Shanghai's global retailing branded products show in Asia is held in December of each year, and we see a lot candy manufacturers and candy suppliers are trying its own brand, some of them are well-known candy companies and hoping to produce its own retailing brand, with foreign retailers super channels to "go out"; some of them are local candy companies from abroad, hoping to conform the momentum of "China fever" and its own brand development opportunities to "come"; there are still some companies already having traditional channels to sell their products, In order to change the limitations of existing brands, hopes its own brand, from the price, category, and other sub-channels to expand the share of applications; there are some companies want to push new products, the use of its own brand in retailing channel privileges (such as shelf position, publicity, into the store fees), will maximize profits. For retailers, candy is indispensable category for consumers to enjoy the festival, how to purchase the multi-category and cost-saving products is that they have been insisting strategy, and its own brand is the first to be launched the popular items.

Apart from the content of the candy, we should also decorate the candy more beautiful and delicious. Maybe you can use a plastic bag to contain the candy.


 Introduction of Chinese famous snack

Keywords: snack manufactures, snack suppliers, plastic bag

As we all know ,china was famous for its snack, and one of the largest snack manufactures and snack suppliers in the world. Chinese pastry snacks have a long history, variety flavor. Pasta snacks can be traced back to the Neolithic Age, which was existing Shimo that processed flour and made of powdered food. During the Spring and Autumn Period, there have been fried and steamed pasta, such as honey bait, elixirs food, grits food and so on. Since then, with cooking utensils and stove improvement, the raw materials, production method and variety of Chinese pastry snack increasingly rich. There were many popular snacks, such as the northern dumplings, noodles, Ramen, pancakes, dumplings, etc.; southern dumpling, spring rolls, dumplings, Yuanxiao, fritters, etc. In addition, around according to their Bussan and folk customs, and evolved many with strong local characteristics of snacks. Such as:

Beijing's coke ring, honey twist, Wandou Huang, Ai Wo Wo, Chaogan burst belly.

Shanghai's crab yellow, Nanxiang Xiaolongmantou, small Shaoxing chicken congee.

Tianjin’s hoarse Pakistani dishes, Goubuli buns, Erduoyan fried cake, boiled fish paste cake, clappers fruit, Guifa Xiang cannabis, spiced donkey.

Taiyuan’s kaolao, Daoxiao noodle, pulling tablets.

Xian’s steamed mutton cattle, dry state daguokui, Lanzhou Ramen, oil daguokui.

Xinjiang’s roast lamb, roasted Nang, pilaf.

Shandong pancake.

Jiangsu’s fired Scallion, soup packets, three small steamed buns, crab fired dumpling.

Zhejiang’s butter cake, Chong Li cakes, fresh meat within zongzi, shrimp, eel surface burst, purple rice pudding.

Anhui’s porridge, DAIJUJIA, Huizhou cake, bean curd rice.

Fujian oyster pie, grasping surface, spiced bundle hoof, Ding Bian Hu.

Taiwan's degree Satsuki noodle, eel Noodles, golden claw rice.

Hainan’s fried dumplings, bamboo rice.

Henan’s daguokui jujube, sugar coke cake, egg bag, blood tea, chicken rolls.

Hubei’s Sam Sun Doupi, Yunmeng fried fish noodles, dry noodles, Dongpo cake.

Hunan’s new rice, brain volume, rice, Eight turtle and mutton Huogongdian tofu.

Guangdong's Chicken Biscuits, egg cakes, ice meat pastry, Guangdong moon cake, lotus seed paste pastry bag, hedgehog buns, fruit powder, thin porridge shrimp dumplings, rabbit dumplings, steamed crab dumpling and other dry.

Guangxi‘s Big meat zhongzi, Guilin rice horse, fried worms.

Sichuan’s egg bake cakes, Long Chao Shou, the wheat fried on the glass, Dan Dan noodles, chicken noodle, tangyuan Lai, Yibin burning surface, pork lungs in chili sauce, mplight beef, dumplings steamed beef.

Huizhou’s intestinal Wang noodle, silk doll, Yelang fish noodle, lotus leaf cake.

Yunnan’s stewed beef, roasts Erkuai, bridge noodle and so on.

In addition, there are a large number of ethnic minorities’ flavor characteristics of food, greatly enriched the Chinese culinary culture. All in all, you can find lots of Chinese snack contain with plastic bag and it is easy to bring.

 The knowledge of liquor consumption

Keywords: Chinese wine, China wine, beverage supplier

Chinese wine is a traditional alcoholic beverage and enjoying an excellent reputation with its unique technology and history. Since ancient times, China wine plays a very important role in the minds of consumers and is indispensable in socially and celebration.

The classification of liquor (classification by flavor)

1.    Strong Aromatic Spirits: the grain as raw material, solid state fermentation, storage, blending together, has caproate as the main aroma compound of distilled liquor. Typical representatives are Wuliangye, JiannanchunLuzhou LaojiaoQuanxing Daqu and so on.

2.    Fen-flavor liquor: the grain as the main raw material, saccharification, and fermentation, storage, blending and brewing into with ethyl acetate as the main aroma compound of distilled liquor. Typical representatives are Fen, Erguotou and so on.

3.    Rice flavor Liquor: rice as raw material, semi-solid state fermentation, distillation, storage, blending and with fragrant rice of distilled liquor. Typical product is Guilin Sanhuajiu.

4.    Maotai liquor: the sorghum and wheat as raw material, fermentation, distillation, storage, blending and with Maotai features’ distilled liquor. Typical product is Guizhou Moutai.

5.    And flavor liquor: the grain as the main raw material, fermentation, storage, blending and brewing and with flavor and unique style Maotai of distilled liquor. Typical representatives are Baiyunbian, Baishaye.

In addition, as the representative of Feng-flavour Chinese spirits in Xifeng liquor; the representative of four special wines in special flavor liquor; the representative of Jingzhibaigan in sesame flavor liquor and the Yubing shochu in Guangdong as the representative of soy incense Liquor.

How to buy and drink liquor

The majority of consumers in the purchase and drinking liquor products should pay attention to the following points:

Firstly, consumers in the purchase of liquor products should choose the medium-sized enterprises’ wine as the first selection and most of the medium-sized enterprises produce the famous and high quality products. Famous and high quality liquor has organoleptic qualities and super physical and chemical indicators and the most importantly its low-grade of the product can maintain its inherent unique style.

Secondly, consumers should not buy the liquor products without production date, name and address. In other words, consumers should have better to select the best alcoholic beverage supplier.

Last but not least, drinking liquor scientifically will benefit to our health. Since liquor contains alcohol, after drinking a little can stimulate appetite, promote secretion of digestive juices and blood circulation, make people in high spirits, and can produce heat which can keep out of the cold. Drinking liquor excessively will stimulate the gastric mucosa, do harm to digestion, and the light will be hyperexcitability, skin congestion, confusion and decreasing the self  control; the severe will have the symptoms of losing of consciousness, lethargy and other symptoms.

 The taboo of kitchen ware

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kitchen ware, plastic film, plastic bag

The kitchen is the most important place and having the greatest healthy relationship in our daily life. But in the kitchen, all kinds of kitchen utensils, supplies, have many health risks. This kitchen ware is healthy and used correctly or not, which will directly relate to the nutrition and health of the food.

Aluminum pan avoids filling meals in longtime

Aluminum’s chemical properties are very active and it is oxidized aluminum oxide film easily in the air. Aluminum oxide film is insoluble in water, but it is dissolved in an acidic or alkaline solution. If the soup or vegetables placed in aluminum containers in the long-term, they will not only damage aluminum products, but dissolve more aluminum molecules. These aluminum molecules will chemically react with food and generate aluminum compounds. Long-term eating food that contains a lot of aluminum and aluminum compounds will destroy the proportion of calcium and phosphorus in our normal body, which will affect people's bones and teeth growth and metabolism, but it will also affect certain digestive enzyme activity, so that it will influence digestive function of our stomach. Therefore, the Aluminum pan should avoid filling the meals and not to use Aluminum pan to cook.

Metal containers avoid containing acidic beverages

Acidic beverages with metal container (iron, aluminum, copper, etc.) in contact, a chemical reaction occurs and the metal material was dissolved in beverages. Once you drink this beverage, it will cause chemical poisoning and can lead to symptoms such as headache, dizziness and feelings of nausea, and lemonade, orange juice, plum juice and other beverages have a high acidity. Therefore, the metal container avoids filling acidic beverages.

Plastic utensils avoid containing fats and oils items

Soft plastic utensils (plastic film, plastic bag, plastic box, etc.) have poor oil repellent properties and be polluted easily by the oil. Plastic lunch box, crisper avoid serving food for too long and should be washed immediately after every use. As the soft plastic utensils have strong characteristic of absorbing the smell, if we put fresh fish into soft plastic utensils, the smell of fish will be difficult to remove, so it is not a best way to install fish with soft plastic utensils.

Enamel Products avoid containing acidic foods

Various ceramic products are coated enamel on the iron products’ exterior. Enamel contains harmful lead and lead compounds. Glazes, painted on enamel surface, and its main ingredient is a variety of metal salts, such as yellow, bright red glaze is cadmium and lead compounds, and lead and cadmium are toxic. Using the colorful enamels to contain acidic foods (such as meat, rice, wine, etc.), lead and cadmium and other toxic substances will dissolve into the food and cause human chronic poisoning.


 How to do with cosmetic allergy?

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Cosmetics suppliers, Cosmetics manufacturers, China cosmetic

Cosmetics, for a woman, it symbolizes a second life, because it allows a woman to become beautiful, confident and attractive. However, when a lot of women are enjoying the advantages of cosmetics which bring transformation in their own, but they have to face a cosmetic problem--" how to do with cosmetic allergy?" Visited every doctors, and asked to find thousands of people, but they still can not find how to solve this problem in a best way. "In fact, for a skin allergies, using the most suitable cosmetic for such a skin allergy is the best answer to solving this problem.” said by expert who is working for a famous sensitive skin care brand --IMSANQUA(a Cosmetics suppliers and Cosmetics manufacturers).

But how can we choose the anti-allergic cosmetics which is not allergic to our skin ? Let’s hear the suggestion of experts of IMSANQUA.

Firstly, exfoliating cosmetic is unavailable, which is the first point to solve the problem of cosmetic allergy. The main reason for skin allergies is that the sensitive skin cuticle is thin and horny damage. So for people who has sensitive skin using exfoliating cosmetic not only will not achieve any positive effect, but also will damage the allergic skin. Thus, if you have skin allergy, it is best to stay away from the products of scrub cleanser, exfoliating ointment .

Secondly, using the appropriate sunscreen more often, this is the second point to solve the problem of cosmetic allergy . Since many women's skin allergy phenomenon is caused by ultraviolet radiation, so for the skin allergies, it is very important to use sunscreen or other protective measures. Notably, sunscreen would inevitably contain a lot of factors which is likely to cause skin allergies, so it is better to use sunscreen products after basic care.

Thirdly, moisturizing skin care products must be used, which is the third point to solve the problem of cosmetic allergy. Since allergies cuticle is thin and can not lock the moisture effectively within the skin, so paying attention to moisturizer work is very important for the allergic skin. In selecting replenishment products, we should not select the products which contain alcohol and spices, because these composition is very likely to cause skin irritation.

“There are many friends asking how to deal with skin allergy, mostly because they do not use a suitable anti-allergic cosmetics. Here is a suggest that you should be careful when selecting a number of cosmetics and try to pick a good reputation on the China cosmetic market and the popularity of high professional on anti-allergic cosmetics.”


 Using plants Dress Your Home

key words:

tea tables, China sofas, furniture

Placing plants in the living room makes the home full of life, but how to choose plants, how to put the plants into the right place, so that the placing of plants have a better effect in room’s decoration?

Properly Placement

Displaying plants to decorate the home space is to make a more comfortable living environment, as well as visual enjoyment. However, the placements of various plants space place a different role in decorating home. Such as tea tables and China sofas which is a good place for people to have rest and stay long, so plant placement should be taken into account and highlighting the best perspective . As a decorative plants on the floor they should be able to highlight the three-dimensional, so placing a larger size of the plant is better. However, if the small plant as decoration on the floor will be inappropriate. As we all know small plants is lovingly crafted, so placed on the floor is neither conspicuously nor able to show its highlight.

In addition, If a thicket of flowers placed incorrectly will cause a large shadow to the room. As tall woody foliage plants’ volume is relatively large, put them in the corner, behind the sofa, sitting room’s furniture is particularly suitable for , which can change the shape of space and atmosphere.

Plants should be harmonious color matching

The choice of plant’s color should be in harmony with the color of walls and furniture. If the walls are green or brown please don’t place the dark plants, otherwise it will look lifeless. In addition, the choice of colors of plants in different functional room should also be different, for example the study room should create a sense of tranquility, so it mainly places the plant with bright, soft white, yellow (or markings), pale color, etc. As for the bedroom it’s better to place the pale green color plants to make a sense of relieve.

Select plant species they should be according to the size of the home, lighting conditions and personal preference. Hanging plants on the walls or pillars are commonly used as a decorative modern technique, and these plants like a three-dimensional painting, it is better to select the Vine and drooping of plant-based.

Appropriate number of plants

Since it is the space of home furnishing decoration, so plants should not put too much or too messy or too aggressive in the house. Generally, if the plant is more than 1 meter in height should placed one in the room and put it in a corner or side of the sofa house, which can make the room become more luxurious. As for the medium-sized pot (height of 50 cm to 80 cm) usually place 1 to 3 pots and depending on the size of the home space .For the small potted (height of 50 cm or less), such as asparagus, Caladium, water flowers, because of its small size, it can be in the living room Multi-arranged pots, and usually place it on the furniture such as coffee table, desk, windowsill, etc. But not more than seven pots.

We can also select plants according to the seasons, such as flowers in spring; foliage in summer; fruit in autumn; and winter can place poinsettias, camellias, narcissus, plum, etc. so that let your home furnishing space throughout the year are full of vigor.




A magic weapon of candy suppliers


candy manufacturers; Snack manufacturers; Beverage manufacturers

In 2011, the global economy did not come into recession. Neither American nor European economic is recovered. China economic was also entered the inflation period. In 2012, the cold winter of the finance was spread and the world economic downturn for a long time. Therefore, a era of high cost, high inflation and the great recession is coming.

As for candy manufacturers, the soaring costs have make candy companies overwhelmed. Since April 2011, the price of sugar has risen to 7,600 Yuan / ton which has broken through to 8000 Yuan / ton in July. It is reported that the cost of sugar accounted for more than 50% in the candy cost. The price of sugar was escalated rapidly, and increased the raw material costs of candy industry.

To overview China confectionery market, candy companies also have been constantly pursuing new way in changing, and refine category and tastes. Candy industry has experienced from a heavier quality to a heavy taste, and now to be centered on the changing process of nutrition and health. Some different products were made by Snack manufacturers. From traditional wedding sugar, holiday sugar to vitamin candy and even throat-soothing candy and diet candy were created.

White rabbit creamy candy of the Old crown living garden has been on sale since 1959 are still very popular among consumers. And up to now, it still can bring huge profits to establishment. Besides, BVI plans that combine the candy of New Year with the New Year culture of Chinese, and integrate into the life of ordinary people. As for their strategic product, Crunchy candy is a must-have necessity by cushions in New Year. Finally, Ferrero is the magnate of chocolate, and it entered the Chinese market in 1984. However, one of the most famous Ferrero, Hazelnut chocolate wafer has been a Chinese couple's favorite chocolates.

Candy enterprises want to strategy of new product, they should have the following characteristic:  to conform the enterprise development strategy; to compare with similar products has a unique differentiation, occupy their own target groups; to focus on customer experience, deeply meet consumers’ psychological needs; to continue contributing huge profits for the enterprise and to enhance corporate.

The era is changing, and new product has a life time. People’s tastes and needs are constantly changing. Under such a trend, Candy manufacturers can make some different products cooperating with beverage manufacturers and expand markets. In the new era and the new crisis, brands also need to develop a strategic new product to maintain its leading position. It is the only way to maintain our leading position, and to be invincible.


 China office stationery industry


office stationery;File Folder;Ink Cartridge


When the haze of industry has already dispersed, in 2013, the office supplies market is poured into a booster by the hot sales of the market. With the high expectation and unknowing in 2013, what changes will be turned in the office stationery industry? It is reported that, in 2013, there will be three changes in the office stationery industry.

Firstly, the sale situation would be recovered.

Winter and recovery have been the industry's hottest keywords. From 2010 to 2012, the Office Stationery manufacturers and the Office Stationery distributors are looking forward to get warm in the market. But they felt more and more disappointed, and the retail market kept dismal without any sign of recovery. In 2013, the market seems to have a welcomed change. Increased demand of writing instruments and trading in the market are very active, such as File Folder, Ball point pen and Ink Cartridge. Enterprises have entered a new round of stationery procurement, so the market is in a good scenario of hot sales.

However, there are also a significant number of stationery retailers still holding a pessimistic attitude to the market. They thought the long time to downturn has made the market so weak that could not rapidly get recovered. Many stationery brand agents have also weakened. And channels of disruption were changed. It was believed that it is very difficult to reproduce the bursting situation for the stationery industry within three years.

Secondly, new promotions and marketing topics would be updated.

Manufacturers’ promotional stationery market is most effective promotions mean which is also   the industry hottest words in 2012. Through the waves of factory sales, this invisible price war has made the stationery dealers to seize a lot of market share in a falling market. However, what is Market main sales promotion and marketing theme in this year? This year seems to not to be simple in which the consumer has found out the stationery business, and understand the benefit ways. Promotions and marketing theme of this year will be design and efficient elements to expand more conform to the changes in the social economy.

Thirdly, popular style and color trend will change the situation

Being similar to fashion, what style and color trends will be change in this year? Combined with domestic and foreign popular index analysis, intelligent and deep blue will become the mainstream color of the office stationery supplies this year. On the other hand, a popular color is the primary colors. It is the natural color cortex and woodiness material itself. Its dark dumb low-key and smooth the look and feel of the win with all ages of consumers favor.

The Characteristic and changes of China Cosmetics


China cosmetics; Cosmetics manufacturers; Cosmetics suppliers


China cosmetics industry is begin to change the old development model. The two levels of differentiation between Cosmetics manufacturers of brands are increasingly obvious. Some small and medium-sized brands’ products are lack of characteristic and their marketing ideas are lack of innovation which lead to their performances of sales decline is obvious. Others may be out of China’s cosmetics market. In contrast, some strong domestic brands are showing a good momentum of growth, and achieved good sales performance.

International and domestic famous brand shops have accelerated the channel development of the cosmetics store of China in 2012. The channel developments are in the second and third line then. This is a big impact for domestic brands, and will be suffer from different squeezes. Especially in the upcoming 2013, it is bound to be a bigger influence. Therefore, it is a very cruel but unavoidable reality problem.

In 2012, a part of domestic brands are still following some rapid spike type of way in the channel development and outstanding performance improvement. But, from the point of 2012, asking for purchasing meeting and canvass business orders meeting is not enough. The effectiveness of market development and the improvement of collection results are not promoted as well as before. The reason is Cosmetics suppliers and Cosmetics manufacturers consider that as a branding business, they must really pay attention to brand image and advertising and superior product quality, market service. At the same time it can help the market to drive sales brands quickly. It is the general dealers and distributors to make cooperation and the standards of collection of payment.

The market inventory of small branding business is not optimistic. Digesting the inventory problem is commonly concerned topic by brand dealers and agents. If this problem is not getting real attention and effective to be solved, some of the brands would be a false prosperity and the consequences unbearable to imagine.

In 2012, more and more new brands appeared unceasingly, they are cutting the specialist in Chinese cosmetics market cake together. Some of the new brand has broken the conventional competition rules, and penetrate into the market quickly, after that greatly contributed to the specialist in cosmetics market competition situation. Therefore, many small and medium-sized brands are affected by the evident.

As domestic small and medium-sized cosmetics brands, only focus on market, focused on the advantages of popular category, and focusing on the advantages of publicity and services, put effective resources concentrated in key market, it is the necessary way to win in 2013.


China wine


beverage manufacturers;Chinese wine;Kitchen Ware


Chinese consumers drink wine on various occasions and the wine are no longer considered as a luxury item. In other words, beverage manufacturers think that the wine has lost its status and become just another alcoholic beverage among others like beer or BaiJiu.

The beginning of the history of Chinese wine is dated back to more than 4,600 years ago. In 1995, a Joint archaeological team investigated the northeast was far 20 km away from the two archaeological sites, and discovered the remnants of kinds of alcoholic beverages, including grape wine, rice wine, mead, and several mixed beverages of these wines. More than two hundred ceramic pots were discovered at the sites, and about 70% of them were specifically used for grape wine. Subsequently remnants of grape seeds were also discovered.

China (including Hong Kong) is ranked the top ten global markets for wine consumption. Traditionally, the market has been dominated by beer, but from 1980s, changes have been made to the international wine market. Specifically to France, and the taste of Chinese drinkers has begun to change. Howeverin next few decades, this country is standing as a wine consumer and   expected to rise. Distributors sell many wines package which was awarded first prize and sell them as consumer goods. Some upscale niche products remain successful but marketing investments will drive much of this success.

A key to success here will be the ability to create a portfolio of relevant wine brands able to fit different kinds of consumers ‘ tastes around the world and to understand the specificities of the distribution’s system of each market.

In this scenario a large part of the Chinese middle class consume wine occasionally. The wine will be available in many trade and sub-trade channels. Many specialist retailers will emerge and none will dominate.

At the same time, there are a number of wine lovers in every city across China, and for them the country of origin remains an important differentiation factor. French wines will continue to have a great reputation, but will no longer be dominated. Wine lovers will learn about wines from other countries and many enology clubs will emerge for consumers excited to buy their wine in specialist retailers whose advices seem reliable. Some fans will engage in collection of fine wines they will look as a serious investment. Chinese wines will become more popular with its low price and relatively good quality.

Statistics show that the main market for white wine is among females, who prefer it than beer. But beer is still the main alcoholic beverage for most men. Red wine has become a symbol of the elite and rich and is usually drink as a table wine, even as a condiment of Kitchen Ware.



 Cleverly use Condiment is healthier


Condiments; Kitchen Ware; Snack manufacturers


Salt, soy sauce and monosodium glutamate are necessary Condiments to increase the taste and flavor when cooking at home.
Some housewives are particular care about cooking. Therefore they would add some salt in the dish, except for adding some soy sauce to increase the sense of color and flavor. Furthermore, monosodium glutamate is also a choice for tasted food which would make the food more delicious. To brief, soy sauce, salt and monosodium glutamate are the most common seasoning in a family Kitchen Cleverly use Condiment is more important choose for our healthier.
l  Reducing salt intake
The main composition of refined salt is sodium, but, some healthy and low sodium salts are also appeared on the market by Snack manufacturers. But, whether this salt is healthier? In fact, to use low sodium potassium instead of Kalium is not suitable everyone. In particular, the people have functional problems of renal is an example. They should not only just pay special attention to the intake amount, but also be careful about whether Kalium content of blood is high or not. Because of it is easy to cause arrhythmia, and even lead to a life risk. Therefore, the people suffering from kidney disease must be careful when choosing edible salt.
l  Put soy sauce in fridge after use
Most people would shun the preservatives. According to statistics, half of soy sauce contains preservatives. When you use it properly and legally, the preservatives would be harmless to the human body. If without adding preservatives or a little alcohol content in soy sauce, it will endanger human health. Therefore, we suggest that you'd better put soy sauce in low temperature place and not be directly exposed to sunlight. Even if you can put a refrigerator, it won't mildew or browning.
l  Chicken essence should not put over-amount
Adding Chicken essence can make bland dish become a delicious one. But after eating these dishes, some people will be easily feel thirsty, or even get sick, such as headache, heart palpitations and vomiting,
We should pay more attention to try to prevent excessive spices which would be harm for the body.  Try to keep the original tasty when cooking food. If using too much Condiment, it would damage the food's nutrition. And it is even bad for you and your family’s health. This is the problem of adding seasoning in family diet. To cleverly use Condiment is healthier.

 The Development of Plastic Bag


plastic Bag; Plastic Film; Plastic Toys

Light Industry & Daily Use


The establishment and development of plastic packaging in our country generally can be divided into two stages. One is plastic packaging industry breed and the early build in China, the other is the high-speed development of plastic packaging in our country.

In 1949, China achieved its national liberation. Until the early 80s, during this one stage, the long confined to the planned economy and the constraints of closed-door policy lead to the slow development of plastic Bag. During this period, some plastic packing enterprises were established. Except for a number of small and medium-sized state enterprises, and some  big companies which introduced abroad advanced plastic molding equipment and technology, majority of those enterprises were small and medium-sized. Besides, the equipment was out of date and the quality of the product was bad. Also, the production efficiency is very low. Until 1981, the total production of plastic packaging materials in our country was still less than 200,000 tons (only 19.1 tons). It was far to meet the needs of national economic development.

Policies of reform and opening up are vigorously promoted the development of the national economy in our country as well as greatly accelerated the development of plastic packaging industry in our country. During the past twenty years, from 1981 to 2001, the national total production of plastic packaging materials were up to 3.5million tons. After ten years, it reached 16.29 million tons, which was more than in 1981 increased by more than 80 times. After the reform and opening up, our plastic packaging industry completed developed from small to large. For the production scale, China’s production of plastic packaging materials, such as Plastic Film, are larger than Western countries, even Japan, and ranked the first in the world. Its growth rate was very impressive and encouraging.

With the rapid development of plastic packaging materials in our country, the beneficial external factors, the plastic packaging material itself is of great and incomparable advantages.

Firstly, for external factors, China's rapid development of plastic packaging materials is benefit from the reform and opening up policy implementation. Changes in the past planned economy and reform and opening up closed economy, which were effectively promote the commodity production and foreign trade.

Secondly, for internal factors, plastic products were with its wide variety, superior performance, strong adaptability and application widely. For example, Plastic Toys is more sought after the parents. Therefore, the urgent needs of the objective and the leaders at all levels of attention greatly accelerate the development of packaging and plastic packaging industry in China.

Paper Toys has been welcome by children


Paper Toys; Snack manufacturers; Ink Cartridge


Whit the enhancement of environment protection, the kindergarten toy products constantly innovated. All kinds of new creative Paper Toys and environmental protection toys are popular within preschool education in the industry and consumers. Children can build a kitchen, bedroom, market and other activities space with large paper toys. Snack manufacturers have made an interesting product which is made of plant starch and won’t produce dangerous for our body even eating up it. It is an environmental protection toy.

Paper Toys are very environmental DIY toys. All material is composed of recycled paper. Children can draw and constitute of the results they want with what their want to products and want to draw pattern according to their study and learn of needs. The paradise of paper is the organic combination of paper art, tools and children’s educational toys and so on. Let children do it themselves, and bring them into the colorful world of originality. Children can have fun at the same time to achieve the effect of education. However, it can train the children’s hands-on ability, and help to develop children’s creativity and imagination.

Making all kinds of colorful origami toy in the craft lesson is a kind, familiar and historical memory. Now, finding the origami toy is to become a very difficult thing for us. In general circumstances, origami toy is school directional procurement commonly, and it is difficult to buy in the market. But we can find the recalls of childhood by a simple way. The simple way is to homemade “origami toy”, which is to use the printer to print it out. Nowadays, internet is full of elements of origami toy. Only you need to print it by Ink Cartridge and you can fold out variety of shapes. Don’t afraid of clumsy hand and do not give up trying, because the origami toy is really very simple.

In fact, origami is not just a children’s stuff. Today’s origami has grown into an unthinkable realm. It is not only suitable for all ages, but also is an advanced learning subject. In our opinion, origami is absolutely accord with economic principles. We can use a plain paper to make a variety of animals, physical and geometric patterns. To show the original author idea, and resulting in a lot of satisfaction. Come on. Let’s get back together with childhood memories by origami.


 Fashion life with the environmental


Office Stationeryl; Plastic Bag; Ink Cartridge

Once we saw miniascape of urban design in Japan and apprised that the people cherish their own living environment. Gradually, this trend has been in China. Environmental protection and fashion are two main items nowadays.

When environmental protection became the behavior which everyone can participate in. And then the green idea would be penetrating into our usual life. Even old fashion things and life styles, such as an old canvas bag, taking bus and improving the utilization rate of Office Stationery. Now, these become the most fashionable way of living, which is stop wasting and stick to recycling and saving. That’s green life.

The green initiative is inspired by waste. To open the window for air cycling is better than turning on the air conditioner. To switch to sleeping mode is an electricity saving way when the computer is not in use temporarily. Please use recyclable canvas bag instead of Plastic Bag when you go shopping and so on. Everyone should always review whether the details in daily are green or not.

Some people think that the constant demand of quality life for people is red, but the destruction of the environment is black. Can we find a green life between the red and the black? According to this thought, the green life should be able to minimize the harm for environment. In short, it is to consume the least amount of resources and energy. Someone said that every little thing is associated with green. Reducing the amounts of business trip and reducing the chances of printing by Ink Cartridge are both practices and workable. Although they are a small effort, the dribs and drabs together is green living.

Green life needs everyone with green behavior. However, how far is the green life from us? The resources of the earth are becoming less and less, if human beings keep blindly use and use them just according to their own wishes, it would be a disaster. If human keep wasting the resource, there would be not enough even supposing human has two Earth.

Bai YanSong, a CCTV host, said that before controlling desire, you need to have a green state of mind. He was very worried about people would babble about green issues which will produce an illusion. Said is easier than done, which is totally useless for environment protection. As a matter of fact, the green living is not an armchair strategist. Action is the most important thing.



 The development of Office Stationery

Office Stationery;File Folder;China office furnitur

Office Stationery has a lot of categories. It is more conveniently to assist people to complete work during daily work which includes documents supplies, desktop stationery, office equipment, financial products and so on. A lot of people don’t know the development of office stationery.

Office Stationery, which is just as its name implies, is one of the most common Stationery of Office supplies. And it is different from the students’. The enterprise, institutions, factories and government are the main buyers. Some office stationery does not fit students, such as File Folder, Financial supplies, and label printer. The main feature of ink cartridge is pursuit of practical and durable, but not for the popular figure. Then this is a difference with student’s ink cartridge.

  When ink cartridge was still in its early age, there were few domestic production manufacturers for it. Also it was relied on imports. And then the demand is increasing. With the development of the national economy, the office stationery industry develops from the simple consumer to the full range of consumer. After then, enterprise and individual demands for them are becoming more and more mature.

According to the domestic newspaper reports, the market capacity of China office furniture and China Office Stationery, has reached 100 billion Yuan, and the pace of development is getting to two digits. Along with the development of domestic economy, the Group’s purchasing power increases. It will accelerate the development more of this industry. If the Office Stationery industry’s development is divided into primary stage, the competition stage, mature stage, the office stationery industry has entered a competition stage. The competition has developed from a single competition into all-round competition, which is including service, management and shopping environment. In the face of a wide range of stationery, consumers have more and more choices.

When the foreign competitors flocked into China, the competition pressure of the whole market is continuously getting stronger, and the future competition will be crueler.

In China, the development of China office stationery industry is rapidly and the products are upgrading fast. The quality is improving obviously. Therefore, the product technology content has greatly improved. The office stationery, the rapid rise of light industry products in China, is playing a more and more important role in the international market.


Chinese antique furniture of children’s dream room

Amusement Rides;Chinese antique furniture;Kitchen Ware

Furniture & Furnishing

After youth day will usher in a happy children's Day. Children on this day can enjoy mischief and goofed. Of course, colorful, fun childhood how can less a unique own interesting room. The colors, lovely shape, comfortable soft-mounted are the unique elements to ensure the children's room. But different gender and personality of children, their room style and furnishings will decided by their parents. Generally speaking, girl’s room is distinctively decorated with light, bright colors and floral prints.
How to place the Amusement Rides and planning a small space is an issue for parents. The following are the different styles of children's room:
The Blue Environment + Chinese antique furniture
Using blue, pink and white three main color of the proportion appropriately is the better way to show the color contrast of the children's room. Dado of blue and pink roof, not only greatly enrich the level and change of color, and decorative details more icing on the cake.
Full of artistic style
If your child has the temperament of the artist, such as he likes scrawl on the walls of your home, then you can decorate a room to hang up your child's artistic masterpieces. If a children’s room with the artist temperament, his room should be having a lot of place to show his masterpiece. As shown above, one wall has a full two rows of children painting and it is a nice design. On the other wall, a very beautiful house style in the photo frame.
Full of warmth
If your child is a girl loves cooking. A suit of pink kitchen ware toy will be able to make her dream come true at home, cooking and washing by herself, the kitchen ware are available in all varieties. Let child to enjoy cooking.
The children's room decoration should focus on the performance of the child's lively soft pink, blue and white stripes on the dado, and the room immediately becomes warm and lovely. Bedding, tablecloths and curtains all the details with the wall color is very uniform, leaving a small space into perfection.
Even if your house is small and you should give your child a perfect little world. It is often a good idea to start with smaller, easily achievable goals. Therefore, as parents, you should know more about your child.  What is noteworthy is that the quality of the decoration materials are safe, and is appropriate for children. 

 Plastic Toys are a good friend for children


Plastic Toys; Silicone Products;Paper Toys;


Children’s toys are special stuff for the children to play with. Plastic Toys help children to develop imagination, thinking and psychological process behavior. Plastic toys can develop kids’ exercise capacity, training perception, stimulate the imagination, arouse curiosity and provide the material conditions for children’s physical and mental development.

More and more parents are afraid that their children would become a playboy without ambitions. So, their requirements of the plastic toys are which could promote the comprehensive development of young children’s moral, intellectual and aesthetic. Not only comply with the children’s age and characteristic, but also satisfy their curiosity and activity. Generally speaking, children’s toys are designed and made for specific age-group of children, and the characteristic of plastic toy is associated with children’s age and the stage of intelligence. The usage of children’s toys is on premise of a certain ability to adapt. In China, the definition of children is who under 14 years old.

A children’s toy, nowadays the toys are made of Silicone Products specially. It is a crucial factor must attract a lot of children’s attention. This requires that toys have some characteristics, such as bright colors, rich sound and easy to operate. It is worth noticing that, the children in a growing instable, and they have different hobbies at different ages. Therefore, generally there are fickle.

Now, Paper Toys are becoming popular. The advantage of the paper toys is that you can make whatever you want, and the designer is yourself. Absolutely unique, and it is environmentally friendly. The main materials of these toys are newspapers and magazines in our daily life. And in the process of doing tasks is also playing to make your design, which is a very interesting leisure activity.

Therefore, choosing an expensive plastic toy for your children maybe is not a wise choice. Parents can accord the children’s age characteristics and preferences to use waste to make some homemade toys for children. This kind of toy is economical and able to meet the needs of children. And it is a kind of valuable toys.

About hygiene and health, how to wash the plastic toys is an important problem. Keep the plastic toys dry, and you should clean it at regular intervals. Simple and easy sterilization is an example.

When you are planning to buy a toy for your children, you must pay attention to the package of the toy. The original creative toys are excellent packaging. Either packing seal or printing should be impeccable. Please pay attention to the packaging pattern provided by official website or propaganda. 

How to keep your kitchen beautiful 


kitchen ware, Stainless Steel Strainer, condiment

 A sparrow may be small but it has all the vital organs. This sentence is appropriated to describe the kitchen. It is said that kitchen is the world of women. Certainly, the kitchen of family is a wonderland for housewives, in which is to let them enjoy cooking for their family. However, would they feel insipid that the cooking life is repeating day by day? It is not because of the cuisine, but it is that they are annoyed about the uncreative household electrical appliances every day. Why don’t you try to change a new style for your kitchen? The function of the kitchen can offer all- around requirement to cook. The tiny and all-around of requirement for the kitchen can be meted by the arrangement of the kitchen ware. Therefore, people would worry about how to put and set the kitchen ware in the small kitchen.

The kitchen sink is an important part of the kitchen, and the placement of kitchen sink is the initial consideration. In the present market, all kinds of the kitchen sink can satisfy different needs. Before buying, you must know that where to install it in the kitchen and what size of the sink should be chosen. The kitchen sink with Stainless Steel Strainer, may be a good choice to housewife. The filter can separate the waste from dishes during washing.

Many housewives usually cook all kinds of the dainty dish for their family. So the cooking range is better to choose the energy-saving one, which is fast heating, high precision of tempt control and high thermal efficiency. It is not only saving your gas bill, but also to protect the environment.

Between the table beside and cooking range is the place for the condiment. Many housewives are accustomed to place a great deal of bottles and cans of condiment. Such as Cantonese like to make nutritious slowly cooked soup with a number of medicinal materials, Sichuan people like sour and hot boiled fish. Therefore, with a good place to store the bottles and cans of condiment, is an important thing in first consideration when choosing kitchen ware.

In addition, you need to pay attention to sanitation and hygiene in kitchen. Many illnesses are caused by inadequate sanitation. After you have finished your dinner, to clear up the kitchen at first is important.

Let visitor praise your beautiful kitchen.



 Tea Table Is More



tea tables, Kitchen Ware, Chinese antique furniture



What do you think about tea tables? Do you think it is just for tea cup and remote controllers? It Is much more than that. Please have some expectations for it. You can picture it to hide the messes in living room also to decorate the corner in dark.

Living room is a multi-functional place. Except the time you go to bed, most of the time you spend in home is staying in living room for any activities. A tea cup could not only a thing to be put your tea cup, books and remote controller. Or even an extended spot of kitchen ware in living room.

In a small home, space is limited. Every square is gold. A tea table could be everything in case. If the space between television and sofa is just enough for two people to stay, it would be good to place two low and small one. Besides, arrange some cushions to surround it, it would become the main spot in living room for gathering, study and relax.

In another case of small room, a movable tea table is a good decision. If there is not enough space for Sideboard, TV stands and tea table, multi-functional furniture is essential. A movable one could save some space for you. In the afternoon, to lie on sofa and do some reading beside the tea table is relaxing. But at night, put it against the wall, the living room could be your bedroom.

Some people would like to be a completely sofa potato, those would be a little far for you. Setting a tea table just beside you is your dream choice that you could reach your drink without pressing pause during a film. A fixed tea table is localization. A movable table is an item for your free lifestyle. A new designed tea table’s stand is able to put under the sofa, which close it to you. And you could put your laptop on it without holding it.

 A tea table with a big table top is a friend to sofa potato. It could hold all your favorite snacks and devices on it without walking around your place to get them. Especially in winter, you would be proud of having it.

For decorating your place, a classic style tea table is amazing. It would totally match up with your Chinese antique furniture. The atmosphere of classical allusion is surrounding your home with it.   

 Things about Cosmetics



Cosmetics suppliersPacking BoxPlastic Packaging


People have desires for cosmetics for centuries. Cosmetics are welcomed all around the world as people always want to be better looking.

When choosing cosmetics, there are something should be concerned about, such as Cosmetics suppliers.

Firstly, fragrant cosmetic is not a good choice for sensitive skin people. Because fragrant cosmetics contain various perfume with complicated chemical composition, which may easily cause allergy. Besides, these kinds of cosmetics also mix in ingredient like alcohol and tartaric acid. They would simulate sensitive skin a lot and make it worse. Generally, since allergies have different effects on people, so if you feel anything wrong on your skin stop using this cosmetics immediately. It is a sign that telling you this kind of cosmetics is not designed for you.   

Secondly, sensitive skin people should think about the function more than moisture and repair when changing cosmetics in autumn. To select some that are designed for special skin. It had better to pick cosmetics with label like for sensitive skin or Hypo-allergenic. Besides, autumn is a season easily lead to allergy, it is better to take extra protection.

Thirdly, skins are weak after being sweated a whole summer. And it harmed by ultraviolet rays as well. Before caring skins in summer, people would usually do a removing cutin treatment. But a deep clean facial scrub would hurt sensitive skins. So, always avoid finding one that could simulate skins. A remarkable cosmetics supplier is always trustful.

In addition, cosmetics are things that should keep properly. And there six points should always keep in mind.

1.       Cosmetics should not be placed in a high-temperature place. Because high temperature would make the water depart from the oil in cosmetics which may lead to deterioration.

2.       Do not put cosmetics in the sun or in the light. As the light would evaporate the water and then deteriorate the whole product. Ultraviolet rays would even lead to some chemical change inside it. Storing cosmetics in packing box would be good.

3.       Cosmetics could only store in the fridge but not the freezer. In cold winter, it is unwise to keep it staying outdoors long. The cracking phenomenon may happen on it, which may be great harmful to skins.

4.       Moisture is disaster to cosmetics. Protein is easily mildewed after being damped. Besides, some of them are with an iron cover which is much easier to get deteriorated. Maybe you could try plastic packaging bags to protect them sometime.

5.       Finish it as soon as possible. Cosmetics usually expiry for one or two years. It would get shorter once you have opened it. So, to finish it as fast as you can.

6.       Keep it clean. To Screw cosmetic capping right after you use it. In order to prevent it from getting contaminated, you’d better touch it with tools instead of your fingers.   

To dress in smart casual



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The born of jean was an inspired idea. In 1853, the craziest year of the California Gold Rush, gold miners always complained their trousers were too easy to be frayed and ragged which were also inconvenient to carry the gold pellets. A businessman named Levis Strauss had an idea that to invent an overall made of a kind of unsalable canvas. The jean at that time was brown instead of blue today. In order to keep it fasten, brand new buttons were set on pocket and fly opening. And it has become an unchangeable icon in denim clothing.

Men jeans have become a general popular icon in different cultures and countries, which have affected millions of people. Many cases of fashion brands cross over with jeans have been proved it a movement to a great revenue and strong impact. Back to the Spring/Summer men’s fashion show week, various brands put out their new season men’s jeans to tell the whole world that jeans are still an unbreakable fashion icon. To approve this, Scott Schuman, famous candid photographer and blogger, took massive photos of smart guys in nice shirts and wonderful men’s jeans during the Autumn/Winter men’s fashion show week. It was one of the historical scene for men’s jeans. Jeans are of great popularity not only because of they are easy to dress and match good with, but also a positive, free and masculine image in it which no one would ever refuse. What’s more, it expanded the world of jeans. Jean is everywhere. Everybody is fancy for jeans.

T-shirt is a good friend to jeans. T-shirt is unbelievable easy to dress match with. T-shirts, no matter v-neck style or round-neck style, are marvelous simple design. Dressing it with a casual jeans jacket is already nice enough. On workday, dressing t-shirts with a slightly formal suit coat would make a man great different. However, men’s blue jean and white t-shirt is the most traditional and unbreakable match, who shows you are at your very young age. It is a very a smart choice to dress in a slightly tight t-shirt and a simple straight jean. Besides, dressing in men’s jeans with a casual sports wear jacket is a new good idea. Jacket manufacturers are developing more characteristic jacket for the market.

Sportswear is becoming a fashion trend in this very moment. People wear sportswear even in their daily life, which are no longer just the clothes to wear when you are going for sports training. Sportswear is casual and comfortable for people no matter what. Leave out the above, to wear sportswear when you are to do sport is of great importance, which may protect you from getting injure and help you to get a better result.  

Four Trends of China Candy Industry



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Candy is always a favorite in life. Also, it is one of the important parts of world retail market. Chinese candy market plays it role on this planet. Speaking of the product assumption, China is the second largest candy market in the world, which is just behind the United States. In China, there are some competitive brands, such as Yake, White Rabbit and Oishi. Besides, Chinese candy market has entered a advanced developing period.

Food industry analyst pointed that there are four trends of China industry.

Firstly, Chinese candy industry would go for the upscale market. Though sweet market is not big here, upscale market is blank at the moment. Presently, upscale sweet brands around are still foreign, such as Cadbury, Ferrero and Dove. They approach 70% market share in China. Most of domestic brands are still focusing on the low-end and the middle-end. In addition, there is lots of space for the upscale in China. It is time for it.

Secondly, the more competitive the market is, the more capitals the candy manufacturers would put into investment. Consumers not only focus on the sweet itself but also its brand. They would concern about if it is famous enough to be sent as an acceptable and proper gift. Consequently, candy manufacturers would invest for products developments as well as brand promotion. It is common that they invite popular stars to be their spokesmen.

Thirdly, consumers prefer customized products, which urge candy manufacturers to segment and develop products. Nowadays, sweet is much more than consumer goods for eating and tasting. It is also a gift that people are willing to send and receive. People send sweet at wedding, in festivals and to express regards. It required candy manufacturers to make various types of candy. The market would be segmented specifically

Fourthly, candy manufactures would develop more low-sugar and sugar-free products. People concern their health more, and many medical institutes propagate the benefit of sugar-free things. It is a reason why xylitol is welcomed these years. Even some sugar-free foods which were developed for diabetic have come into world. There are xylitol chewing gum, sugar-free snacks and so on in the market. Also snack manufacturers and beverage manufacturers are followers to that. Sugar-free is a very tag that catches consumers’ eyes in a time that has themed healthy.

According to the S&P Consulting report, survey on Chinese candy and chocolate market in 2013-2017, Chinese candy industry would still be beneficial in the next 15 years. This market is in great need of domestic brands to fill it. However, candy industry would be very competitive in about 10 years in the future. As it is easy to enter this industry and China has joined WTO, but local brands are competing with each other and also foreign brands. The competition is rough. So, it is essential for Chinese candy industry to pay more attention to segment and target. To know more about consumers’ need and get a creative spirit. That is the only way to get an advantaged position in the industry.  

Four Trends of China Candy Industry



candy manufacturers, snack manufacturers, beverage manufacturers 



Candy is always a favorite in life. Also, it is one of the important parts of world retail market. Chinese candy market plays it role on this planet. Speaking of the product assumption, China is the second largest candy market in the world, which is just behind the United States. In China, there are some competitive brands, such as Yake, White Rabbit and Oishi. Besides, Chinese candy market has entered a advanced developing period.

Food industry analyst pointed that there are four trends of China industry.

Firstly, Chinese candy industry would go for the upscale market. Though sweet market is not big here, upscale market is blank at the moment. Presently, upscale sweet brands around are still foreign, such as Cadbury, Ferrero and Dove. They approach 70% market share in China. Most of domestic brands are still focusing on the low-end and the middle-end. In addition, there is lots of space for the upscale in China. It is time for it.

Secondly, the more competitive the market is, the more capitals the candy manufacturers would put into investment. Consumers not only focus on the sweet itself but also its brand. They would concern about if it is famous enough to be sent as an acceptable and proper gift. Consequently, candy manufacturers would invest for products developments as well as brand promotion. It is common that they invite popular stars to be their spokesmen.

Thirdly, consumers prefer customized products, which urge candy manufacturers to segment and develop products. Nowadays, sweet is much more than consumer goods for eating and tasting. It is also a gift that people are willing to send and receive. People send sweet at wedding, in festivals and to express regards. It required candy manufacturers to make various types of candy. The market would be segmented specifically

Fourthly, candy manufactures would develop more low-sugar and sugar-free products. People concern their health more, and many medical institutes propagate the benefit of sugar-free things. It is a reason why xylitol is welcomed these years. Even some sugar-free foods which were developed for diabetic have come into world. There are xylitol chewing gum, sugar-free snacks and so on in the market. Also snack manufacturers and beverage manufacturers are followers to that. Sugar-free is a very tag that catches consumers’ eyes in a time that has themed healthy.

According to the S&P Consulting report, survey on Chinese candy and chocolate market in 2013-2017, Chinese candy industry would still be beneficial in the next 15 years. This market is in great need of domestic brands to fill it. However, candy industry would be very competitive in about 10 years in the future. As it is easy to enter this industry and China has joined WTO, but local brands are competing with each other and also foreign brands. The competition is rough. So, it is essential for Chinese candy industry to pay more attention to segment and target. To know more about consumers’ need and get a creative spirit. That is the only way to get an advantaged position in the industry.  

 Office decoration

The decoration of office is a well-considered design. The space of office should be divided into three main parts which are working space, meeting room and aisle. When designing the decoration of an office, you should consider many things which include science factor, technology factor, cultural factor and so on. This design is in order to create a quiet, convenient, and healthy environment for staffs to work efficiently and comfortably. Office furniture is one of the main factors in decorating the office.

The specialty of the working space is public. As this part is public space for all staffs, it is necessary to consider variety of different staffs.

In some office, the working space is small that the reception is just next to the lift. People would feel pressure because of the narrow place in this case. So the transition is critical in such a case. It is important to create transitional space between public space and private space. Placing specific office furniture can change a lot. Besides, division may impress clients and staffs.

The public space must contain a formal meeting room, which is basic part for an office. For more, an informal meeting place is required now. Take pantry for example, it is a place that staffs would gather for some rest and social. Some amazing ideas were inspired from the chatting in pantry. This is an advantage. In addition, the pantry is the very place for staffs to communicate more, which is beneficial for the company anyway.

Team working space is essential in this time and age. Teamwork is a key to success. The office space should be divided by team. A team is authorized to design its space for its best to combine a team and do a better work. Different office furniture would make differences. To place the office furniture after considering the needs of communication, it may lead to a better recognition among the team.

There are things that should be avoided when decorating an office.

First, do not purchase cheap floor. Floor is no doubt a big spend, but it is flexible. Some people would choose cheap floor in order to minimize the budget, but cheaper the floor the worse quality. A middle class floor may keep longer which also means you did not need to redecorate the office in a soon future. It is a smart way to keep the budget balanced.

Second, do not save money in cable setting. Modern office is full of computers, printers and other electric applicant, to set more attaching plugs is good for daily routine in the office.

A better working environment is good for a better result. Nice office furniture is helpful when encouraging staffs to work harder. What’s more, as it is talking about office, office supplies are all should be keep in mind. File folder and office stationery are two small but critical things in every office. To opt the convenient office supplies for staffs is some kind of shortcut to get a efficient and satisfied outcome of a project.  

 Snack & Candy

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People love to have some snacks. Whenever they are watching TV or enjoying sunshine on beach. Snack manufacturers is an amazing thing because almost everyone loves it.

The general acknowledged meaning of snacks are that the food ate besides breakfast, lunch and dinner. Children are super fans of snacks. Lots of children enjoy having some snacks after school and before dinner which is a situation often prohibited by parents. Actually, having snacks before a meal is not good for children for they might lose appetite for the essential meal. But differently, proper assumptions of snacks are good for health of the elderly. However, excessive snacks are always bad for health. When selecting snacks, it is necessary to pick the healthy one and a snack manufacturer with good reputation.

Students are at their age of body growing which is in great need of getting nutrition. Because of various reasons, they have a rushed breakfast that would interfere with digestion. For the best of students, having some snacks is critical. Biscuit and cookies are both satisfied option.

Pregnant women are particular special case on having snacks. They need massive nutrition to support their babies to grow. Because the baby inside would pressure the digestive system, pregnant women could not eat much every meal. For this particular case, pregnant women should have some snacks to refill energy tank and get enough nutrition.

Besides the snacks, candy is a popular star too. 

Candy and chocolate are children’s favorites. Even some grownups are fancy for them too. Fruit candy, mints candy, toffee candy are all good. With a single candy, you can cheer up a crying child. With a box of chocolate, you might make your muse your wife. Candy and chocolate are things that could create miracles. Candy suppliers are all the dream makers. In Halloween, children dress up to ask for candies. Candy would bring happiness and laughs. In Valentines’ day, chocolates are all around. A little chocolate would bring a romantic moment you never have imagined.

No matter of snack, candy or chocolate, they should all be stored carefully. If you cannot finish them once. Plastic bag would be your great helper. Plastic bag could keep them fresh and protect them from getting polluted. A little plastic bag is small and light, but it is the very thing that could never judge from it out looking. A plastic bag is a shield for food. 

The general acknowledged meaning of snacks are that the food ate besides breakfast, lunch and dinner. Children are super fans of snacks. Lots of children enjoy having some snacks after school and before dinner which is a situation often prohibited by parents. Actually, having snacks before a meal is not good for children for they might lose appetite for the essential meal. But differently, proper assumptions of snacks are good for health of the elderly. However, excessive snacks are always bad for health. When selecting snacks, it is necessary to pick the healthy one and a snack manufacturer with good reputation.

Students are at their age of body growing which is in great need of getting nutrition. Because of various reasons, they have a rushed breakfast that would interfere with digestion. For the best of students, having some snacks is critical. Biscuit and cookies are both satisfied option.

Pregnant women are particular special case on having snacks. They need massive nutrition to support their babies to grow. Because the baby inside would pressure the digestive system, pregnant women could not eat much every meal. For this particular case, pregnant women should have some snacks to refill energy tank and get enough nutrition.

Besides the snacks, candy is a popular star too.

Candy and chocolate are children’s favorites. Even some grownups are fancy for them too. Fruit candy, mints candy, toffee candy are all good. With a single candy, you can cheer up a crying child. With a box of chocolate, you might make your muse your wife. Candy and chocolate are things that could create miracles. Candy suppliers are all the dream makers. In Halloween, children dress up to ask for candies. Candy would bring happiness and laughs. In Valentines’ day, chocolates are all around. A little chocolate would bring a romantic moment you never have imagined.

No matter of snack, candy or chocolate, they should all be stored carefully. If you cannot finish them once. Plastic bag would be your great helper. Plastic bag could keep them fresh and protect them from getting polluted. A little plastic bag is small and light, but it is the very thing that could never judge from it out looking. A plastic bag is a shield for food.  

 Wine is out in the land


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With the globalization, the communications and confluences of wine are becoming frequently and closely between the producing countries and the producing areas. Majority of wineries refer the tastes of consumers as production-oriented to adjust their production, so it’s the same with China Wine. Therefore, the demarcation line of original was breaking through continually. More and more wines are difficult to identify accurately. However, there are exceptions. In Italy and France, some chateaus always uphold the old tradition, which wine is out in the land, not vintage. In the traditional wine culture, grape is more important than wine. The color, smell and taste of grape bring the visual sense, olfactory sensation and sense of taste are all to enjoy. It is the real purpose of drinking wine which is pleasure.
This enjoyment includes respect for the wine culture. Because in the traditional wine culture, grape is more important than wine, and that, this enjoyment would finally become a spirit in a way. So every wine enthusiast who wants to improve the ability of their appreciation, it’d better to begin with grapes.
Different grape varieties are used for producing different wine. The grapes which were to brew red wine called red varieties. And the grapes which were to brew white wine called white varieties. The wines produced in Different latitude have different features. Approximately to speak, at the higher latitude, the wine would be lower sugar, higher acidity, more relaxed taste, and lower alcohol content. At The lower latitude, the wine would be higher sugar, lower acidity, the more full-bodied taste and higher alcohol content. Drinking a small amount of wine every day would bring many advantages for us. But some people will be allergic to alcohol that would be the reason why beverage manufacturers make the grape juice. It is to satisfy all peoples’ need.
Medical studies recently indicated that grape has a high nutrition. Using grape as material of wine is containing all kinds of amino acid, mineral substance and vitamin. These substances are necessary nutrition for the human body. Consequently, some Snack manufacturers make the grape biscuits, and let us to enjoy the delicious grape at any time.
To understand wine from grape, through feeling the flavor characteristics of grapes, you can appreciate the subtlety of nature and the imaginative of winemaker. This is the greatest happiness with wine.

 Things to be careful when picnicking

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Picnic is to make a fire to cook outdoors. It is an ancient cook way. But It has become an interesting entertainment with your friends. People think picnic is an indispensable activity of their holiday. In the picnic, we must know what food should be prepared and how to cook the food. It is a big headache for how to preparation for the picnic for many people.

If you enjoy outdoor activities, picnic may be your good choice to enjoy nature. Besides, food is of great importance in a picnic. If you don’t eat healthily, your body won’t work well without strength and energy. Sometimes, it is trouble on how to prepare the food for travel like we are planning for a mountain climbing expedition. In the last few years, with the development of food industry in our country, there are many convenience foods to choose from. It including all kinds of instant noodles, such as soft or hard of tin, cookies, bread and so on. It is not only expediently to carry and eat, but also high nutrient value. It is ideal food to enjoy picnic.

We are very concerned about what we should bring and how to choose the healthy food. Some people like having a picnic during the spring and summer. These days are the rainy season. As for that, outdoor Canopy is a wise tool to help against accidents. Sometimes you may be trapped in a heavy rain when you are picnicking. You should prepare to some Plastic Packaging for the foods ahead. It can prevent the foods from being soaked because of the rain.

On the other hand, BBQ (Barbecue) is another fashion way to picnic and gather with people. On the outside, when having a picnic by BBQ, we must pay attention to a great deal of the security problem. It is important to avoid conflagration happening. Before you build the cooking range, you should clean up the inflammable things beside the cooking range, such as rank grass, deadwood and rubbish. And furthermore, when there is on fire, you must take precautions against fire in time. After cooking, you must put out the ember which is to avoid unnecessary accident. In addition, during the picnic, you should be careful about your healthy and you should know how to be use the Condiment in properly. After picnicking, you should pick up the garbage without destroying the environment. 

 Let you know more about bathroom


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Beautiful home is contributed with every room, even every comer, and bathroom is also included. Many people are living in a busy city and experiencing great stress. It is sheer paradise to relax with a hot bath after a day of stressful work.  Therefore, to delicate the bathroom is particularly important.

The bathroom decoration should be considered with the color that if it is matching of bathroom. It is not only the quality of the decoration in bathroom is important, but also the external appearance of the home improvement. If the decoration of the bathroom is not good or cannot give you a comfortable home feeling, it would be bad. So, to cleverly use color matching is a important step. The skillful usage of cold and warm color can make the design diagram produce unexpected result.

Nowadays, more and more people are going to decorate the house. Somebody like their bathroom contains German classic style, pure and fresh nature. So they choose a simple and functional of bathroom cabinet in the bathroom. For ordinary families, the hook wall bathroom cabinet or the bathroom cabinet on wheels can effectively isolate the ground moisture. It make that they are the first choice.

Bathtub is an important part of the bathroom. Some people are more inclined to buy Jacuzzi bathtub to relax tired muscles. On the other side, some people like wooden bathtub which gave them a feeling of getting close to nature.

Relaxation in a bath after work can be very pleasant. China solar water heater transforms the sunshine into heat. Sunshine is a clean source of renewable energy, with no environment pollution. Solar water heater can save the expenses of electric charge and gas bill so that we can reduce the family’s expenses.

It is also important to know some item in the bathroom, take water treatment equipment for an example. You must according to the utilization of your bathroom when choosing. In daily life, we should keep the bathroom clean. If your bathroom is with windows, you should often open the windows to be well ventilated. After bathing, you must clear up the bathroom in time. In particular, bathtub and washstand should be clean too. Therefore, the bathroom sanitation should keep in good condition for people’s health. 


Weaving Crafts, Wooden Crafts, Metal Crafts

Crafts are the product of handicrafts. It is process raw material and semi-product to the finished products by handwork. And it is the best name of the worth crafts. Crafts come from life, and then it created the worth above the life. It is crystallization of the people’s wisdom, and to show the creativeness and artistic quality of human being.

1.       Weaving Crafts. Weaving is one of the oldest handicrafts in the world. Weaving Crafts is process branch, leaf, stem and bark to make semi-manufactured goods, after that people will knit it to make a craft by hand. In the matter of raw materials, colors and handwork, weaving crafts show that an art characteristics of natural, simple, fresh, concise and so on. In the weaving crafts, rich and colorful patterns are often taking shape in the process of knit utensils, but some weaving technology itself is shaped motif design. Therefore, the weaving technology is more important in the modeling and vignette than weaving craft itself.

2.       Wooden Crafts. Wooden Crafts are made of a great variety of wood. In some method of manufacture, either machine production or pure hand-made are show a unique national style of wooden crafts. Let us understand that it contain fine workmanship, novel design, diversified styles and natural Color of wooden crafts. How to keep wooden crafts clean and tidy is a difficult problem for users. You can use a clean fabric to scrub off the dirt in everyday life. Do not use the chemical brightener as the wooden crafts may suffer from destroy.

3.       Metal Crafts. Metal Crafts is made of gold, silver, copper, iron and tin, or add some other materials to make the exquisite crafts. Metal crafts are primarily produced in Beijing, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Sichuan, Yunnan and so on. With long year’s age, owing to smelting technology progress, the metal materials are increase, and that metal crafts have greatly proliferated. Before the 50s in 20 century, the metal crafts are mainly done by handwork. However, after the 50s in 20 century, with the progresses and development of industry, the parts supporting process are gradually being run on mechanization.

With the continuous improvement of living standards, the requirements of the people are also changing. About crafts, more and more people are like some special characteristics of art and practical fashion of it. Exquisite workmanship is the outstanding characteristic of these artistic handworks.







 The equipment of swimming


Sports Wear, swim goggles, diving flippers

  Swimming is the best sport of summer to relieve summer heat. It can help our body to relax, and make us feel cool and comfortable. It is a pleasurable activity. Men and women, old and young, all enjoy it.

  In the history and development of swimming, whether it is for hunting, evade the wild beasts or self-help, swimming is always one of the most important skills for surviving.

   How to choose good equipment to enjoy summer is a big headache. Either you are just a learner or you are an expert, you must prepare some necessary equipment, so that you can start swimming in security.

1.       A Fit Sports Wear: we always label sports wear swimwear. The swimwear must be formfitting. If the swimwear is too big to take in water, it increase your body weight and resistance. Therefore, you must choose a fit sports wear which you are comfortable with.

2.       A Fit swimming cap: you should wear the swimming cap in swimming, especially for women. The swimming cap can prevent your hair form untidy. If the water quality is not good, it can keep your hair in good condition.

3.       A Fit swim goggles: if the water quality is not good, bacteria will be easily to get into your eyes during swimming, and you may suffer from pinkeye. In order to prevent from eye disease, you should enjoy swimming with swim goggles.

4.       Earplug: it is difficult to avoid the water inflow our ear. When there is water in our ear, we will feel uncomfortable and sometimes it will cause a headache. So, preventing water to get into ear with earplug is a best way to choose.

5.       Floating goods: for the swimming beginner, it would be the best to prepare some floating goods, such as life buoy, diving flippers, and the water board made of foamed plastic. But you must be careful to check if there is any leakage possible of water and air before you are use.

6.       Washcloth and slippers: Washcloth and slippers are necessary item of swimmer. When you are swimming intermittence or finish, you can dry yourself with a towel, put on washcloth, wear slippers. It is not only warm, but also safeguard against catching cold.

7.       Nasal splint: in swimming, owing to the water wave often put water into your nose, to make us inhaled water or cough. In particularly, the swimming beginner must be attention. To prevent water in your nose, you should use a nasal splint.


 Living room sofa


Sofa manufacturers, Tea Table, Textile Crafts

Living room sofa is necessary furniture of many families. Now every family will put a comfortable sofa in their living room for relaxing. Then how to choose a quality sofa is the first difficult problem for consumer.
With the requirement of people is constantly changing, sofa manufacturers has some fresh idea.
In the daily life, sofa is for rest, bull session and parlor, so it is the important item in the residence.
Sofa manufacturers think that sofa and the modeling seat must be substantial, such as the high-back sofa and the high-back seat. It is not only comfortable, but also safe.
The innovative style sofa is some people first choice. Its shape and color are showing the horse of the atmosphere. Plain-cloth sofa is the best choice of the house’s feng-shui, and the unassuming pattern may also be a good choose.
Sofa shape is designed into several categories, for example single sofa, double sofa, long sofa, circular sofa. In the material of sofa, there are leather sofa, cloth sofa and rattan sofa. On the other hand, its color and shape are more various.
Some people like to put a tea table in front of the sofa. It makes the home feel so harmonized. Someone said that to make tea with good water can show the flavor of the tea better, but now you can sit on the sofa to enjoy yourself. If you don’t like tea table, you can put a textile crafts in front of the sofa. If use marble lamp or floor lamp bedside the sofa, the effect will be better.
How to clear the sofa is a big headache problem for user. You should clear it by vacuum cleaner at regular intervals. Of course you can use wet towel to clear. You must take good care of the arm of sofa, backrest and crannies. If you use vacuum cleaner, you must know that don’t fully extended to use it, or the sofa will be disrupt. Secondly you can use cleansing to clear the sofa once a year. And after that you must wash cleansing thoroughly. Otherwise, it will be more vulnerable to fouling. Thirdly, you can buy a sheathing of the sofa in supermarket. The sheathing can wash repeatedly. If the sheathing is small, you can do it by washed repeatedly in home. If the sheathing is big, you can take it to the dry cleaning shop.





Wasting is a shame, saving is the glorious


Snack manufacturers, plastic film, candy manufacturers

Lots people know “Shame to waste, saving is the glorious”. Chinese netizens have launched an online campaign against waste on dining tables, calling for people to take uneaten food home after banquets. The campaign dubbed "clean your plate" has received great support on Sina Weibo. 

With the Spring Festival, also known as Chinese New Year, approaching, the unofficial campaign has become a hot topic online.

In ordinary life, for various reasons, some uneaten food was remained in the table after banquets. And very few people would not to pack. IN-33, a commercial team, got the call Clear your plate is up to me, everyday not leftovers. It obtained more and more peoples’ support and recognition. The Clear your plate’s influence spread remarkably quickly and widely over China. More and more people joined the Clear Your Plate campaign against wasting food by offering smaller dishes.

We are real need to reject the waste of food. As a matter of fact, it is to save the need food in thr future.

Some Snack manufacturers focus on one way to increase environmental awareness. They try to use plastic film to individually wrapped pack the food. Because the temperature of vacuum – packaged must be high enough to isolated water and oxygen. It makes the microorganism of food not to mass propagation, so that extend the shelf life of food.

Candy manufacturers think this way is adapted to environmental and food safety. A boy said that I like to try different candy at each Afternoon Tea. I had to throw away a lot of food because the portions were too much for me. But now the manufacturers offer individually wrapped pack of food. It’s great because I can try different candy and not to waste food.

More and more people pay more attention on the environment protection and food safety.

Combined the two, we can discover uneaten food is not only profitable for everyone, but also to take it easy. Small behavior will bring great achievements.

Some restaurant come into vogue supply new menu, such as half-portioned dishes, smaller dishes and assorted dishes, at the same time they encourage customers to take leftovers home. But a few restaurants stipulate that if you don’t eat all food up and you must pay extra.

The Clear Your Plate campaign is not only to encourage students to finish their food but also to motivate students to choose a more environment-friendly and healthy lifestyle.

 Things About Signing Contract at Canton Fair

Spring Canton Fair, Canton Fair China, Canton Fair exhibitors

To participate Canton Fair is order to get a new big order or to find new reliable suppliers or manufacturers. There is something that attendants should pay attention to.

1. It is not usual that a buyer would place a large order right at the spring Canton Fair. They would usually place a small order to test the particular manufacturers. And in that case, the buyer would pay some predraw which would relax the suoplier a lot.

2. Some buyers would prefer a quasi order. In this case, though you have made a deal, it is not enough. When you start sending them emails of product catalog and price lists, they may not reply you soon. After a long wait, they may finally reply you and tell you to issue a P/I. However, it might be another long wait before a reply. When this situation happens, you should pick up your phone and send them regards. Besides, it is important to remind them your business.

3. Potential order is also the gold mine. You ought to list them just behind your VIP in priority. More importantly, to listen to what they have said in Canton Fair China meeting and make some notes. When you contact them again, to look up your notes and to send them product detailed information would make differences. In addition, making phone call is still a good way to get an order. If the emails are bounced over and over again, phone call would be your window. Fax would worth a try as well.

4. If you need to send some samples to clients, it would be prefect to reach an agreement of freight to collect. Remittance is fair too.

5. When facing clients who just wandering in your booth are willing to have your catalog and leave a business card, there is hope to make deal. You might be a Canton Fair exhibitor they would need in the future. It requires a communication to find the potential purchase need.

6. As for the cooperating clients, to ask them whether they have any need is acceptable. When they want to find some more quality source, if you are helpful you would get more chances to work with them. Besides, it may be an opportunity to receive more orders from them.

7. Always be hopeful to the future. There is no need to be pathetic even though the result is not good as expectation. To sum up all information you have and aim at the very point is important. And it could not be rushed. Patience would be pay off. 


 113th Canton Fair is the opportunity for rising markets

Spring Canton Fair, canton fair in China, canton fair schedule

Canton Fair, being a window for China foreign trading, the most famous exhibition in China is going to be opened on 15th April. Canton Fair is becoming more and more important in rising markets like Latin, Asia and Africa. Buyers and suppliers from those regions are eager for it. They will be gathering in the Spring Canton Fair for business succeeds. The trade amount between rising countries and China had grown by a large margin in the last Canton Fair in China. Business men from all over the world are looking forward to it that would happen again.

Last autumn, 112th Canton Fair had attracted more than 190 thousand of buyers from 211 countries and regions. Besides, there are 522 foreign enterprises from 44 countries participated in it as exhibitors. Most of them came from developing countries, which had a nice wish about the trade with China in the future. 

Rafeeque Ahmed, the chairman of Federation of Indian Export Organizations, led trade mission to attend 112th Canton Fair. This mission is consisted of 52 Indian enterprises who had displayed lots of products, such as handmade tool, seasoning and kitchen appliances.

Ahmed explained that Indian enterprises were not only willing to export home electric appliances to China, but they were still working on exporting car parts, medicines, arts and crafts, clothing and so on. He also forecasted that the exporting amount form Indian to China would reach $100 billion before 2018 which with an annual rate of growth about 30%.

Ahmed said that as China is a market with great potential, it would be a challenged but achievable target. Luo Yifeng, a Chinese business man purchased for African retailers during Canton Fair, said the quality products made in China are with competitive price and very popular among wealthy African consumers. He owned some shops in Africa and added that he had purchased products for South African and Tanzanian clients in the last Canton Fair. He also recommended that buyers should notice about the Canton Fair schedule which would be very helpful.

With the development in African continent, the purchase power is changing. In families with income of $5000, they would spend about 50% on Commodity consumption except for food and accommodation. It is estimated that there are about 90 million people are at this level. And it would be 128 million by 2020.

In addition, Canton Fair is a outstanding platform for information collecting. The host welcome all exhibitors to 113th Canton Fair. 

 Tips on Booking Hotel before Canton Fair



canton fair schedule, canton fair in China, canton fair exhibitors

The spring Canton Fair is coming soon. The people who are looking forward to it most may not be the exhibitors nor the buyers, but the hotels in Guangzhou. As it is known to us that Canton Fair would bring an effect which could not to be neglected. However, this scenario would become a trouble for the foreign attendants. It is a problem indeed. Some reports have done a research on it to provide some suggestions for attendants.

The very first thing is to decide which kind of accommodation you are planning to stay. Grand hotel in downtown would be the first choice for most people. But it is difficult for an enterprise to settle its every staff in a grand hotel. And those hotels which haven’t been ranked with star are not up to date for business man. Therefore, many people would set budget hotel chains as their priority. As there are a lot of sub brunches in the city. It would be easy for them to reserve a room during the Canton Fair in China. Besides, Canton Fair exhibitors would not spend lots time in the room. They do not need to spend more money on unnecessary services. It would not be hard to find a budget hotel chains in Guangzhou.

Budget hotel chains are growing fast these years. Its establishment has partly stopped the security and hygiene problems happen in no brand hotel. In addition, it provides standard and proper services for lodgers. Although budget hotel is not grand as big hotel, its equipments are already fair enough. Most of them provide free Wi-Fi, clean towel and even breakfast.

To book a hotel room successfully is not easy during Canton Fair schedule. There are some tips for Canton Fair exhibitors. Firstly, to order a room on the official website is the fastest way. You would get a closer look of the hotel and know more about the room you are going to reserve. Secondly, to book a room dialing the official customer hotline is the most directly way. You could get whatever information you need just within a small, short phone call and then you could have your room during the Canton Fair in China. Thirdly, to reserve a room via Smartphone software is a modern way. Many exhibitors are devoting themselves in Canton Fair preparation. To use software to do it on the way is convenient.

A nice sleep after a busy day in Canton Fair would be deeply required. It is essential to reserve a well-known hotel ahead. It is the better that you reserve your room earlier.

Things that should be paid attention in Canton Fair 


Spring Canton Fair, canton fair exhibitors, canton fair 2013 dates

Canton Fair is a renowned international exhibition held in Guangzhou, China twice a year. Some enterprises have participated in it for years. Attending Canton Fair is much more than just getting orders. It is to meet some old clients that may bring new, bigger order and strengthen their partnership. Also, it would be an opportunity for enterprises to display their new designed product which may surprise all participants. Besides, it might be easy for attendees to find potential customer in this long-running party for importers and exporters.

To get a booth is Canton Fair is not a piece of cake for China exhibitors. Only when an enterprise has reached a prescribed export amount would be qualified to apply for a booth. Therefore, it is a proof to declare these Canton Fair exhibitors are with good reputation and reliable.

There are some things that should be paid attention during Spring Canton Fair.

Firstly, it is very important to be well prepared. Sales contracts and price lists should be printed ahead. To bring enough business cards is of great importance. Pens, notebooks, folders, staplers calculators should be fully prepared. In addition, digital camera, business card scanner and laptop are also required. What’s more, there are some suggestions. To order some recycle bag which is printed your company’s information on it. It is low cost but useful in promoting your company. Moreover, preparing some gifts for old clients is sound. Except for above, to send some small Chinese style gifts to foreign clients would impress them.

Secondly is to decorate your booth properly. New product and old product should be placed reasonable. New products should be put in a conspicuous place which would attract clients to focus on them. Besides, the decoration should be designed and show that you are professional in your field. It would be better if you hang up a banner with you company’s name on it.

Thirdly is to know your product completely. You should read and remember the information in the catalog, especially the prices. If you want to promote your products, you must know about them. Because there is no client want to place an order on something which is even not familiar to its sales. In addition, some trading details are needed. You should complete your database with FOB, minimum order amount, packing, weight and even the producing period. The more you have prepared, the more you would earn.

The opening Canton Fair 2013 date is 15th April 2013. 

 How to Choose Bathroom Cabinet

Bathroom Cabinet, China Cosmetics, Silver Pendant

When refurbishing bathroom, many people may be confused about how to choose a suitable bathroom cabinet. It is because most of the people have no idea about bathroom cabinet. There are some guidelines on choosing it.
Brand is a main factor. Costumers would often puzzle in selecting bathroom cabinet due to there are various kinds in the market. But generally, a brand with good reputation is almost the product in good quality and with fine after sale service. A branded company would take their responsibility in after sale service. If there is any problem with the product, they would take care of it. So, it’d better to pick a branded product if possible.
God is in details. Material is a detail in bathroom cabinet. There are many materials for that, such as glass and stainless steel, acrylic plate and recycled wooden plate. When choosing the furniture for bathroom, is it important to think about the water-proof ability of the material. Bathroom is the most moisture place in your home. Water-proof is the most essential factor of the bathroom cabinet. If it cannot do a good job in water-proof, it would be seriously damaged by the moist. As a result, it is critical to concern about the water-proof. Multi-layer solid wood board, solid wood board and hard PVC board are all good choice for bathroom cabinet. Besides, a bad bathroom cabinet may even result in healthy problem. For example, over quantity of formaldehyde on the cabinet would be bad for health. Therefore, quality is everything.
To focus on the surface of bathroom cabinet is also required. As it is exposed, you could select it carefully from its color, smoothness and the ability of moist-proof. And it is easy to choose one you like. Besides, the storage space of the cabinet should be concerned. Some people would put their China cosmetics in bathroom. It is necessary to make sure that there are enough spaces for all your staff. Except for that, a wide shelf would be nice. As for some people would take off their silver pendant before bath, it is essential for them to have a place for their ornaments.
Bathroom cabinets have been designed in a variety of styles. It could be classed in classic style, modern style, the Mediterranean style and so on. From this point, customers should opt one which is match your bathroom the best. If you are not satisfied, you could customize your unique set. 



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